Hillary Clinton Proposes Nation-Building Idea

Interesting to see the definition change to suit the purposes of an agenda. From The Hill:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently led a high-level delegation to Mexico in which she outlined a renewed push by the U.S. to bolster Mexico’s fight against the root causes of crime by backing more education, healthcare, and drug prevention programs.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), whose district sits along the U.S.-Mexico border and who is on the Homeland Security Committee, said that Clinton’s announcement was a good start but that the U.S. should also look at providing young adults, who may be especially strapped for money as the economy continues to roil, with jobs.

Yes, while our own unemployment is at a staggering 9.7% and holding (and Geithner says it’s not coming down for awhile) and major corporations and small businesses are announcing cuts in jobs and wages to sustain themselves through the nationalizing of the health insurance industry.

Democrats use dollar bills as Band-Aids. Perhaps if we enforced the laws on the books concerning illegal border crossing and criminal acts perpetrated by those illegally in this country, it would seem like such an attractive move to bring the lawlessness to the north side of the border. Tossing money we don’t have to nation-build in another country isn’t the answer. It’s interesting how Democrats rail against what they call “nation-building” when it’s freeing a people from the grasp of a murderous tyrant (they seem to believe that democracy is limited to only WASP in the United States); but they’re all for it when it comes to pouring money into another country like Mexico and involving themselves in their economic, educational, and legal affairs just ... like ... Iraq.

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