Got Hosurance?

If you want to know what the administration thinks of women, here is a pretty good indication:

The administration talks to women about health care policy in the same way a stereotypical car salesman approaches women about cars: lighted vanity mirrors, cup holders and birth control pills!

This is just one of many examples of the lowest common denominator marketing from HHS towards men and women regarding Obamacare.

Progressives are more outraged at women offended over this ad than the ad itself. Criticism of it has been derided as “prude,” but that only works if you think that promiscuity is a requirement for enjoying sex. It isn’t, but progressives conflate.

This ad is HHS saying “you’re a whore.” The law has made women subject to the public by way of having contraception publicly subsidized—the exact opposite of the privacy and individual rights the very women who supported it claimed that they wanted.

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