Geraldo Attempts To Shame Pro-2A Vince Vaughn, Outs Own Ignorance Instead

Geraldo Attempts To Shame Pro-2A Vince Vaughn, Outs Own Ignorance Instead

This week on Fox News’ The Five, Geraldo Rivera displayed a level of self-serving ignorance not seen since he outed the location of embedded troops in the Middle East for a flashy byline.

Vince Vaughn has received both praise and criticism – from the usual suspects on both sides – for his recent remarks on gun ownership.

The right to bear arms is not about hunting. It’s about the individual’s ability to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.

He even went on to state that blaming guns for the violence we see is no less ignorant than blaming forks for making people fat.

Geraldo joined The Five and proved Vaughn’s point regarding ignorance.

Doesn’t that kind of stance remind you of Timothy McVeigh and the militias? I think it’s totally paranoid.

So according to Geraldo, Vince Vaughn – an actor who has never committed a crime with a gun – is just like a convicted terrorist who killed multiple people when he bombed Oklahoma City.


For future reference, Mr. Rivera, let me give you a few comparisons that don’t require extensive mental gymnastics:

Vince Vaughn, in his opinions on the Second Amendment, is like many other law-abiding pro-2nd-Amendment celebrities. He is like Clint Eastwood, Joe Mantegna, Adam Baldwin, Angelina Jolie, Gary Sinise, Brad Pitt, Kevin Sorbo, James Earl Jones, Ted Nugent, Tom Selleck, and Miranda Lambert – among others. Vince Vaughn, in his opinions, is like plenty of non-celebrities as well. In point of fact, Mr. Rivera, he’s like me.

If you would like to compare someone’s views on weapons and violence to those of Timothy McVeigh, might I suggest Tzhokar Tsarnaev’s? How about the views of gang members in Chicago, Baltimore, and other major cities? You know, the people who disregard the law both when obtaining weapons and when discharging them.

To say that Timothy McVeigh and Vince Vaughn are the same because “they both like guns” is no less absurd than recognizing Hitler as a spokesperson for PETA’s agenda because he happened to be a vegetarian.

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