Friday Reveille

Joe Biden would be arrested for following his own gun advice. Given at a Parenting Magazine town hall, no less. - Jon Huntsman: Because the conservative thing to do is to try to get people to compromise their principles because it's the <fingers>conservative thing</fingers> to do. - Indiana passes ultrasound bill: When you demand that others pay for your health care it means we all get a say in what happens after your feet go into the stirrups. I would love to get the thoughts of the feminists who spoke out against the multiple Colorado Democrats who told a woman she should just take her raping. - To counter the bad: Missouri State Rep. Mike Leara spoke out yesterday on my program. "It's time to stand up to the bullies." - After spurning them during Secret Golf Weekend, the President tosses a bone to the media in the form of a brief meeting, at which they eagerly jump into his lap so he can scratch behind their ears. Politico wasn't invited after this article. - Holy bath salts Batman. - Ann Coulter says what Rush Limbaugh was accused of saying in the NYT. Anyone who was truly offended never engaged in any athletic competitions at any point while growing up. - The sequester blame game. Who comes out the best? - And Detroit wonders why it's $13 billion in the hole. Forward!

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