Democrats Play Checkers With VAWA

Republicans offered up an alternative to the Democrats’ VAWA hackjob, namely stripping pork and adding protections so that grant money wouldn’t be abused. Democrats of course, have rejected it.

Top Senate Democrats excoriated the competing House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act hours after it was unveiled Friday.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the author of VAWA, derided the legislation as “partisan” and said it omits critical measures designed to protect vulnerable populations like Native Americans, immigrants and the gay and lesbian community.

The VAWA has enjoyed bipartisan support for years until Leahy tried to exploit the women he claimed to protect with this act by using them as front:

This is just one more in a series of Democrat scams, intended to 1) divert attention from the Obama administration’s record of failure, and 2) raise money from the Democrats’ gullible base. What is actually going on, as we wrote yesterday, is that Senate Democrats have slipped extraneous provisions into this year’s version of the Violence Against Women Act, and have refused to consider the Republican alternative, drafted by Senator Grassley, that strips out those inappropriate provisions or imposes safeguards to prevent their abuse.

VAWA has enjoyed bipartisan support since it was enacted in 1994 and in each of its subsequent reauthorizations in 2000 and 2006.

Last year, when the Judiciary Committee marked up the bill, it contained controversial provisions that were never included in earlier versions of the bill. It also lacked much needed fraud protection provisions regarding grant funds and immigration. …

Senator Grassley introduced an amendment that authorized aid for victims and also protected against fraud and misuse of funds. The Democrats refused to work with Republicans to write a bill that could enjoy bipartisan support in Committee.

Democrats use VAWA as a litmus test for female concern, so why then are they jeopardizing it?

Speaking of violence against women, let’s revisit the Colorado Democrats and how women should just take the violence visited upon them.

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