Daily Reveille

- Baller: City shuts down nativity display after progressive group feigned offense. Man brings portable one to taunt the politically correct. - Harry Reid's response to every GOP plan that rolls through the senate. - Union members react in a typically polite and kind way after Michigan ushers in Right To Work. - "White Hispanic" George Zimmerman sues the living daylights out of NBC after they edited audio of his 911 call to make him appear racist. - Lord Monckton, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, is booted from the United Nations for telling all the emperors that they are, in fact, wearing no clothes. - Strip Search 101 in our public schools now. - Californians pay a 52% marginal tax rate. - The next Hillary? - Parent's go wild west on daughter's bully. That $1,000 could be better spent on some MMA lessons and a lawyer after the daughter kicks said bully's ass in front of other students at school. - Because this formula always works so well for failing news entities. - One-half of Outkast hates big government.

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