Daily Reveille: Wednesday

- Joe Scarborough and Chris Christie agree that the First and Second Amendments should be limited. Limits mean infringements, infringements mean abridgments, and abridgments mean it is no longer free. There is no difference between Cory Booker and Chris Christie, except one of them pretends to be a republican and says things about unions occasionally.

- How Obama won the Internet.

- Egypt demands that Obama release the blind sheik. Malkin’s column in response.

- A chicken in every pot? A gun in every home.

- For the first time ever, clergy will not deliver the invocation at the inauguration.

- Cue the 99% chants! Al Gore now richer than Mitt Romney due to the Current TV sale and his big oil cash. Is that allowed? Will the Goracle be excommunicated from the Climate Change 99%er Gang now that he’s Scrooge McDuck swimming in his big oil ca$h?

- US carbon emissions will be lowered due to ... fracking.

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