Costello was Right: but Not for the Reason You Think

Costello was Right: but Not for the Reason You Think

Conservatives have spent the last week with their collective panties in a bunch over the left’s response to ISIS. First State Department spokesperson Marie Harf flipped the outrage switch when she suggested, during a three day summit on extremism, that the existence of terror groups like ISIS was likely the result of a lack of job opportunities.

Yes, that’s right. People who have both the motivation and drive to light caged human beings on fire only do so because they can’t make $15 an hour working the drive-thru at Starbucks.

The fervor over Harf’s comments had only begun to die down when the next bombshell hit the prime time news: CNN host Carol Costello argued that ISIS might actually pose a smaller threat than “right wing citizen extremists.”

Crazy, right? Remember, we’re talking about suicide bombers, mass beheadings, and the people who murder hundreds of people with impunity. And this Costello chick thinks a handful of Tea Partiers with pocket Constitutions and Gadsden flags are more dangerous.

She’s right, though.

Come again?

She’s. Right. And here’s why:

Progressives aren’t afraid of people who kill people. They use them when it’s politically convenient – to fear monger and terrify law abiding citizens into giving up their natural rights when arguing for gun control measures, or to do the unsavory wetwork for them when they share a mutual enemy – but they don’t really fear them.

Rather, what truly terrifies progressives is people who think differently. Their ideology exists only in ideas and on paper. After all, we have seen over and over again that in application it simply does not work. Their ideology absolutely depends on esoteric theory trumping actual reality, and for that reason, dissenting ideas are far more dangerous than any physical threats.

After all, if your children are hurt or killed, over time you will heal. But if they become Republicans…

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Costello was Right: but Not for the Reason You Think

The Terrorist Guild

Ever notice how often terrorist acts are treated as "lone wolves" or "isolated incidents?" So who decides what's terror and what isn't?