Colorado Concealed Campus Carry Ban Nixed By Sponsor

A victory for college women. I first reported a couple of weeks ago the asinine attacks from Democrats on women’s pro-choice right to their method of self defense. The growing attention on these Democrat Colorado lawmakers and the cries of protest from rape survivors left them with no choice but to respect a woman’s right to choose her own method of self defense:

Amid flagging support from his own party, the Democratic sponsor of a bill banning concealed weapons on college campuses spiked his own bill Friday night on the floor of the Colorado Senate.

Sen. Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, asked that HB 1226, a bill to ban concealed weapons on campus, be postponed until May 10, two days after the end of the session. The move effectively killed the bill.

A victory for women in Colorado. However the battle in Colorado is far from over. The state is having its Wisconsin moment. Here’s why:

Explaining the substance of the Biden call last week, Exum told The Denver Post the vice president “said it would send a strong message to the rest of the country that a western state had passed gun-control bills.”

Here’s the scorecard thus far.

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