Claire McCaskill’s New Ally: Noted Women’s Champ Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt of Hustler and Photoshopping-phalluses-on-women’s-faces fame has reportedly taken out a full page ad in an upcoming issue of the St. Louis daily to attack GOP senate nominee Todd Akin.

Flynt, who once called Justice Sandra Day O’Connor a “token cunt,” has defended his sexism by claiming that it’s “satire.” If that’s the case, I feel no remorse for saying that his overt objectification of women is as egregious as his inability to ever fulfill such a fantasy himself. Satire! Ever the poor man’s Dr. Evil, every few years or so Flynt boastfully offers $1 millliiiiiion dollars for something or other, though I’m unaware if anyone has cared enough to ever make a claim.

Flynt was apparently brought in to aid Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill in the Missouri senate race. Despite running from her record and strictly focusing on Rep. Todd Akin’s now-infamous six-second remark for which he apologized, McCaskill is still locked into a statistical dead heat with the GOP challenger. The incumbent’s unfavorability stands at 47%, higher than that of Akin, likely do to her extreme, far-left record which includes her vote against 76% of Prop C-supporting Missourians via Obamacare. McCaskill has also bashed Missouri’s source of affordable energy, echoing President Obama by saying “I hate coal.” Additionally, her campaign has been plagued with scandals which some say could possibly invoke an indictment: a longtime, trusted employee with the McCaskills’ business said in a deposition that McCaskill extended her senate influence to her husband as he used the senate dining room to cut deals related to stimulus cash.

Voters are also learning that despite her “war on women” rhetoric and support of the Obama “ladyparts” degradation, the McCaskills’s business is currently facing suit over sexual harassment. The Senator continued to preach about the “war on women” after feting accused rapist Bill Clinton at the DNC, about whom she so famously said: “I wouldn’t want my daughter near him.”

McCaskill has desperately tried to present herself as a “moderate” in Missouri while voting with Obama 98% of the time back in Washington. She claims she was ranked “50” for her “moderation,” but the truth is that McCaskill was rated as one of the most liberal senators in congress, exceeding even Barney Frank, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Charlie Rangel.

That she’s locked in a tie with her upstart challenger is due to Missourians’s recognition of her hypocrisy. They’re going to see it again when Flynt’s ad runs. McCaskill talks a good game when it comes to the “war on women,” but accepting the help of Larry Flynt? On top of everything else?

Honestly, I welcome Flynt’s ad. Thanks for reminding us which party is truly perpetuating the “war on women.”

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