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Speaker Jones Says GOP Chairmanships At Stake

Today I spoke with Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones on the GOP’s disastrous defeat over the tax cut veto, paycheck protection, and the Second Amendment Preservation Act yesterday. Jones said that the chairmen within the “Flimsy 15″ who stood against … Continue reading

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HB 253 Veto Stands, Missourians Livid

In today’s veto session, the Missouri Legislature failed to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 253. Whether lawmakers fell victim to misleading graphics or simply caved to external pressures is yet to be seen. Whatever the reason, fifteen Missouri … Continue reading

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MO Speaker Tim Jones Threatens To Refile Nixon Subpoenas

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has tried to maneuver his way out of answering questions related to the massive privacy scandal involving sensitive information sent to the ATF and DHS. Backstory here. Headlines today say that the subpoenas for Nixon and … Continue reading

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch Accuses MO House Speaker Of ‘Hacking’ Crime

The St. Louis daily paper has accused Missouri Republican House Speaker Tim Jones of a crime: Last week, Mr. Jones — or one of his minions — used a state computer in the Missouri House in an attempt to hack into a … Continue reading

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MO Gov Jay Nixon Tries Emotional Appeal Over Punitive DOR Budget Cuts

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has so far dodged questioning and responsibility for the Department of Revenue/CCW list/privacy breach scandal which made national headlines — but surfaced quickly today to complain about the DOR’s budget. Gov. Jay Nixon said today he … Continue reading

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MO Department Of Revenue Delivers On Subpoenas

Continuing with a story I first brought you weeks ago: the Missouri Department of Revenue is delivering documents according to the subpoena last week from MO Senator Kurt Schaefer. Gov. Jay Nixon side-stepped the question at a recent presser: Asked … Continue reading

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