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Is Harry Reid Trying To Incite Violence With More Violatile Bundy Ranch Rhetoric?

Senator Harry Reid isn’t taking the accusations that he’s abusing the Bureau of Land Management for personal gain lying down. After calling unarmed ranch hands who prayed before meeting the BLM and rounding up their confiscated cattle “domestic terrorists,” Reid … Continue reading

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McCaskill Redefines Sexual Assault

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill held a press conference at Soldiers’ Memorial this afternoon in order to join St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in calling for renewal of the expired Workforce Investment Act. This federal legislation, according to Senator McCaskill, plays … Continue reading

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Florida Man Shoves, Bruises Wife

Florida: Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., is denying his wife’s accusation that he shoved and injured her during a domestic dispute over the weekend, saying through his spokeswoman that his estranged wife’s allegation is “an outright lie.” The Orlando Sentinel reports … Continue reading

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MO Lawmaker Wants To Eliminate Self Defense

Insane. My emphasis: Rep. Randy Dunn said he proposed House Bill 1940 after several high-profile cases around the country raised questions. With the current Missouri law, someone can lawfully shoot someone to protect themselves from an intruder if they reasonably believe that deadly … Continue reading

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Obama Negotiates…Sort of

The government has shutdown before. And every time, the President has negotiated. Every shutdown, every President. Except this one. Let’s take a second and try to get a handle on the negotiation situation… Obama on negotiation2 video courtesy of @BailofRights

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Democrats’s Shutdown Is Refusal To Face The American People

We’ve heard stories of Democrats attempting to “shutdown” privately owned historical sites like Mount Vernon and many other privately funded and run parks. They want the shutdown for use as a weapon, to “hurt and rescue” the American people. Case … Continue reading

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