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Live From CPAC 2013

Tomorrow I’m broadcasting live from CPAC’s radio row in Washington DC. It’s always a ton of fun and completely insane and you never know who will drop by. Listen live 12 – 3 central here.

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My Interview With The NRA On Garry McCarthy

I spoke with the awesome Cam Edwards of NRA Radio’s “Cam and Company” yesterday about this story. Take a listen:

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Round Two: Ken Wahl Takes On Guns Control and Progressive Hypocrisy

“Wiseguy” Ken Wahl joined me on my program today to discuss everything from the crime rate of his hometown (Chicago), to the blatant hypocrisy on failed gun control laws. Listen:

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On Women In Combat

This week I hosted a panel of female veterans to discuss Leon Panetta’s recently leaked ruling allowing women in combat roles. At least, that’s what the headline is; the meat of the order doesn’t seem to accomplish much of anything, … Continue reading

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St. Louis County Police Chief: Arm The Schools

Today I spoke with St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch who supports arming schools — be it a volunteer officer, teacher, principal, someone. “The only way I’m aware of to face lethal force is with lethal force,” said Fitch … Continue reading

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Friday’s Show: John Sununu, Newt Gingrich

Former NH Governor John Sununu discussed media bias, the Middle East unrest, and says about Obama’s remark: “You fix Washington from the top. Leadership is what changes Washington.” Newt Gingrich┬átalked the Missouri Senate race and why he’s fundraising for Todd … Continue reading

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