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Tarantino On Guns

Just caught the end of “Death Proof,” a favorite, on IFC right when Zoe Bell began her legendary stunt. One of my favorite scenes is this exchange on guns between Kim and Abernathy. In the real world? A lady needs … Continue reading

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Tipper Gore, Hillary Clinton 2.0: The “Blame Video Games” Strategy

I was a little kid in elementary school with Tipper Gore and her army of shoulder-padded activist moms banned together to target rock and metal music over explicit subject matter. I remember how angry my older cousin was over it … Continue reading

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Billy Corgan: “God Is The Future Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Corgan has always been a personal favorite of mine. Having burned through angst, rebellion, the gamut of human behaviors, Corgan thinks God rock remains unexplored. I share his criticism of many Christian rock bands: they could do better. Affirmative action … Continue reading

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Sarah Silverman Quietly Deletes Perry Accusation

Yesterday Sarah Silverman attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry for calling the Texas legislature back into session to vote on the late term abortion ban after Wendy Davis’s failed filibuster. She Tweeted two different variations and after letting the final one … Continue reading

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Nik Wallenda Crosses Canyon, Praises God With Every Step

Some said it was foolish. Everyone has different gifts, skills. Nik Wallenda’s is tightrope walking. For those who say he’s foolish, I’ll point out that he did more for the name of Christ with his gift than most do with … Continue reading

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“Acting School” Season Finale

“The End Time.” You’ve heard Nick on my program and no doubt have seen all his stuff; if you haven’t watched his “Acting School” series you really should, starting from the beginning.

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