Call 9-1-1 They Said: Chicago Cuts Emergency Response

Remember this? The gun-free city with sky-rocketing homicide rates is cutting response times because their poor-budgeting (in spite of super high taxes) can’t afford it. If you’ve only been “simply assaulted,” you’re on you’re own:

Victims of ‘non-threatening’ crimes such as burglaries, thefts, and simple assault in Chicago will no longer be visited by officers when they call 911.

Chicago police are now enforcing an austere new measure where officers are not dispatched to scenes where the offender has fled and where no one is in immediate danger.

The Windy City is in the middle of both a crime and budget crisis, with sprees of violence erupting, even as first responders are forced to drastically slash their budgets.

This coupled with Illinois’ gun-free stance means citizens will be at the mercy of criminals. As Rahmbo said, they’re “Chicago values.”

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