Boy Scouts and Bullies

It gets better, unless you’re the Boy Scouts, then culture puts a ‘kick me’ sign on your back.

The PSAs that tell kids “It gets better?” Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t. It never gets better. It stays the same. Bullies grow up to be bigger bullies, bullies who join the ACLU, MMfA, OFA, or some hokey acronym’d org and then get paid to bully others for a living. I had a bully once. My mother didn’t tell me that it would get better, in fact, she said it wouldn’t get better until I kicked their ass. Where is that campaign? </shootingstarTheMoreYouKnow>

My family was involved in Scouts until a move prompted a change in dens and the tornado of life left little room to return, though we may still. It’s a great organization for kids. Kids. That’s the word here, because a bunch of adult bullies are trying to push and shove a kids’ organization into accepting societal issues that go against what the group believes. It’s odd to me that adults are beside themselves over an organization for kids. They’re not busting up in your 50 Shades of Gray discussion group and demanding you change the rules for them.

Apparently it never dawned on any of these activists that here in America you can start your own group and create your own rules. If you dislike how the Boy Scouts operate, then don’t join. Churches sponsor around 70% of the Scout troops anyway, so it’s not like their beliefs are a secret. Create your own group and run it your own way. This insistence that everyone be of hive mind and accept the same things and establish a boring homogenous culture where if everyone is special no one is betrays the “individualism” that the left preaches. If you’re so “pro-choice,” then leave the choice of which group to join or support to the people. Offer them competition. Create other choices, alternatives.

But stop the bullying and the lawfare. That doesn’t make it better.

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