Bloomberg “Moms” Get Their Wish: Shooting At Jack In The Box Gun Free Zone

Just last week Bloomberg’s anti-gun “moms” led by Indiana-based Shannon Watts/Troughton pushed Jack in the Box to proclaim all of their locations as gun free zones as a result of a group peacefully and legally open carrying inside (and outside) a Jack in the Box in Ft. Worth, Texas. One of the restaurant locations they pressured gave in, and a man was shot just this past Monday at the very same new, “moms demand” gun free location.

The 43-year-old victim told police he was walking across the parking lot when he was approached by a black male who offered to sell him drugs.

The victim said he refused and got into a verbal argument with the gunman, an arrest report states.

During the argument, the suspect pulled out a handgun and fired two shots.

 From Buzzpo:

Yesterday, a shooting occurred at the Jack in the Box restaurant at 1504 Hampton Street in Nashville, TN. Yes, you read this correctly. Jack in the Box! The same Jack in the Box that caved to pressure from Moms Demand Action asking them to ban guns less than 1 week ago!

Jack in the Box recently released a public statement asking potential patrons to not bring guns to their restaurants. But yesterday, the 43 year old victim was in the parking lot when he was approached by a black male who offered to sell him drugs. The victim declined, and a brief verbal disagreement ensued. The suspect then pulled out a handgun, and fired two shots at the victim, striking him in the right shin with a non-life threatening injury.

The criminal didn’t follow the new gun free zone proclamation on Jack in the Box’s premises, as by definition, he is a criminal. Law-abiding citizens, not wishing to incur fines and police involvement, obey such laws and similar edicts from businesses because they follow the law—and by doing so are disarmed while criminals remained armed.

Bloomberg’s “moms” group was busted by the New York Times last week for falsely claiming that Ft. Worth Jack in the Box employees “hid in a freezer” to incite outrage at the restaurant’s recognition of local gun laws. The manager of the location disputed the claim and Ft. Worth Police Sgt. Ray Bush is now backing away from the claim as well.

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