Bloomberg Anti-Second Amendment Group Chastises Over Parody

Anti-Second Amendment advocate Michael Bloomberg combined his so far unsuccessful anti-gun groups under one umbrella, called Everytown. Their name was promptly hijacked on Facebook and parodies abounded, believable after some of the more asinine commentary from Bloomberg’s funded members. Now, Everytown’s Communications Director, Erika Soto Lamb, has taken exceptions with this parody, chasing down everyone on Twitter demanding they state that it is a parody.

Except that her group has deliberately and maliciously spread false information about my employment in an effort to get me booted from The View and incite a wave of threats my way. That wasn’t a parody, it was purposeful intent. Big difference.

Since Ms. Soto Lamb is fixated on truth, I asked her to retract her group’s statements and apologize, which they refuse to do and still continue to perpetuate the same false accusation.

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