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McCaskill Redefines Sexual Assault

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill held a press conference at Soldiers’ Memorial this afternoon in order to join St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in calling for renewal of the expired Workforce Investment Act. This federal legislation, according to Senator McCaskill, plays … Continue reading

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Obama Negotiates…Sort of

The government has shutdown before. And every time, the President has negotiated. Every shutdown, every President. Except this one. Let’s take a second and try to get a handle on the negotiation situation… Obama on negotiation2 video courtesy of @BailofRights

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HB 253 Veto Stands, Missourians Livid

In today’s veto session, the Missouri Legislature failed to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 253. Whether lawmakers fell victim to misleading graphics or simply caved to external pressures is yet to be seen. Whatever the reason, fifteen Missouri … Continue reading

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Uncle Joe’s Pet President

If Obama had a son, he would look like Trayvon. If Obama had his way, his daughters would grow up to be Sandra Fluke. Or Lena Dunham. If Obama had a healthcare plan, it would look like¬†Britain.¬†And not in a … Continue reading

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Mr. Eastwood, I Think the Game is Over

So Detroit filed for bankruptcy yesterday. One of the reasons cited by the governor as to why the application for bankruptcy was approved: police and emergency vehicles that are so old that breakdowns are common. In fact, things are so … Continue reading

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For Shame, MSM. Again.

A few short months ago, when multiple media outlets had to be shamed into covering the murder trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, the excuse given by some was that, as a local crime story, it simply did not warrant … Continue reading

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