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Catching Up With NRA News

I caught up with my friend Cameron Gray at CPAC St. Louis to talk 2A and my forthcoming book, Defenseless.

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Democrats’s Shutdown Is Refusal To Face The American People

We’ve heard stories of Democrats attempting to “shutdown” privately owned historical sites like Mount Vernon and many other privately funded and run parks. They want the shutdown for use as a weapon, to “hurt and rescue” the American people. Case … Continue reading

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New Book “Defenseless” Takes Aim At Gun Control, Released Next Year

I’m proud and excited to announce, along with Center Street, that my first book, “Defenseless,” will publish next year. The details: Media Contact: Shanon Stowe, Publicity Director 615-371-7784; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 26, 2013 CENTER STREET TO PUBLISH DEFENSELESS … Continue reading

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Sen. Roy Blunt Talks Defunding Obamacare*UPDATED

I spoke with the Senator a bit ago on my program. Note: the vote taken today is different from cloture on Saturday (now scheduled for Friday), which would ultimately give Reid the 51, not 60, he needs to fund Obamacare. … Continue reading

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From Tonight On Hannity

Tonight’s topic was Sen. Cruz’s ongoing quasi-filibuster to defund Obamacare. Video via Steven Laboe.

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Threatened, Anti-Gun Progressives Publish Illustrations Of Cruz At Gunpoint

Behold, tolerance: More The result of the inability to articulate intelligent opposition in a public forum.

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