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  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony cannot believe the circus going on at the House today and you have to hear his reaction as the House pulls the bill while he is live on air! Tony discusses what the ramifications are of this and what is to come for the GOP and healthcare.

  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony tries figuring out how the bill supporters are expecting to get the votes they need. Hear why Tony is saying this healthcare bill is everything we don't want.

  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony hilariously talks about the GOp healthcare bill that is scheduled to go to a vote today. Tony tells you why they couldn't have possibly screwed this up any worse if they wanted too. Tony can't believe the GOP is moving forward with the bill despite not having enough votes for it.

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 3

    Don't miss Dana mocking Chuck Schumer and the Democrats for stupidly considering to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination which is happening no matter what. Dana talks about the American victims from London's terror attack. You will not believe what these group of women are planning to send President Trump!

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 2

    You can't miss Dana slam members of the GOP for learning nothing from the Obamacare disaster. Dana jumps into Trump's recent slide in poll numbers and tells you exactly why that is happening! Find out what Dana has to say to the people criticizing Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special for making transgender jokes.

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the latest with Nunes and his "incidental" collection of new evidence regarding Trump being surveillanced. Hear what Dana thinks about this latest information. Dana gives a strong plea for conservatives to hold their line on this healthcare bill.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 3

    Do not miss Dana getting a bit silly trying to hilariously figure out a YouTube video about cissexism. Dana dissects the reports regarding Paul Manafort and Russia. Dana wonders why White House security was so slow to respond to the fence jumper.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 2

    Don't miss Dana hilariously discuss whether she would fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck after that question was asked to Gorsuch. Find out why the January Yemen raid is back in the news. Dana has the latest information on the attack in London.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 1

    Dana has all the great coverage surrounding Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing. Find out how Dana thinks he did on day 1. Dana examines why she believes President Trump's poll numbers are down right now, you don't want to miss what she has to say about it!

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 3

    You will not believe what these doctors got in trouble for as Dana has had just enough of society right now! Dana goes over the happiest and least happiest countries in the world and the list might surprise you. Dana talks further and passionately about the proposed healthcare bill.

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 2

    You do not want to miss Dana hilariously mock an anti-Trump Elmo video that was released. Dana also gives a serious reason why the government doesn't need to be giving money to PBS. Dana covers Rex Tillerson's visit to Asia and the media's unbalanced reporting of it.

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the start of the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Do not miss Dana cover in detail the stance of Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court on guns and your second amendment rights.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 3

    Dana criticizes Paul Ryan and others for using the same arguments to defend their healthcare bill as Obamacare used. Claire Crisp joins Dana and you don't want to miss hearing a first hand account of what a socialized healthcare system really does.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 2

    You don't want to miss Dana have a very serious discussion on pro-life and conservatism. Dana also touches on the interesting topic of the difference between being a Conservative and being a Republican.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 1

    Dana tries to figure out why the Democrats are willing to die on this Gorsuch hill when it is a conservative replacing a conservative. Find out why Dana thinks about Trump's comments that he is 100 percent behind the House healthcare bill. You won't believe this story about a 14 year old guy and an 18 year old high school freshman boy...

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony wonders where the liberal feminists are defending Melanie Trump after two different crude things were said about her this week. You have to hear what happened on the Senate floor after Rand Paul walked out on a treaty!

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony continues to breakdown the judges decision regarding the travel ban and why it is absolutely the wrong one. Tony tackles an interesting topic and wonders why Chicago priests are allowing Catholics to eat meat this Friday for St. Patrick's Day even though it is in the middle of lent.

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Find out what Trump did that is causing Tony to call it a big mistake. Tony talks about the federal judge putting a halt to Trump's second travel ban. Hear what Tony has to say about the much talked about McDonald's tweet on President Trump!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony has the latest on ISIS and how he feels we should be viewing them right now. Find out why suddenly citizenship applications in New Zealand have gone through the roof!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony explains why this Meadow story is not going away and how she misunderstood not just her audience but all of America. Hear what Tony has to say about this GOP healthcare bill!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony goes in on Rachel Meadow after her "bombshell" that turned out to be nothing but a ratings grab. Find out how Amy Schumer's latest comedy special has fared..

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 3

    Dana calls out the media for not showing the negative effects of Obamacare. Dana explains why despite what Paul Ryan is attempting to do this healthcare bill is not bipartisan at all.

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 2

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 1

    Dana breaks down the CBO report and tears it down. Hear Dana explain in her entertaining way why you can't trust the CBO. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock Bernie Sanders for his healthcare bill comments.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 3

    Dana mocks the irony of the Democrats complaining about the GOP healthcare being rushed through after what they did with Obamacare. Dana criticizes Republicans for their approach to this healthcare bill.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 2

    Dana has the latest on the Ferguson video tape that was released. Hear Dana explain why this changes absolutely nothing. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the latest happenings in South Korea as well as other important foreign affairs.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 1

    Dana continues conversation on the status of the new healthcare bill. Don't miss Dana hit back at critics attacking Trump for firing US Attorneys even though Obama did the same thing. You have to hear Dana hilariously mock the girl who harassed Sean Spicer at an Apple store!

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 3

    You won't believe this story of the IRS targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups! Dana calls out Planned Parenthood for being exactly what they are...An abortion business! You don't want to miss it!

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 2

    Dana recaps the Women's Day from yesterday and how unproductive it was. You really need to hear Dana hilariously mock a marching feminist group for butchering a female empowerment song. Dana gets serious with these CIA leaks.

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 1

    Dana calls out the left and anti-Trump people for their lack of evidence of any Russia connection. Hear Dana examine how there is more evidence with Clinton colluding with Russia than Trump! You have to hear Dana's hilarious take on the kids TV show Caliou!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 3

    Dana further covers and hilariously mocks Women's Day. You won't believe this story of students calling white people who wear hoop earrings racist! Dana also covers a story of a gun store being sued, find out why!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 2

    Dana explains why it is better to get the health care bill done right rather than fast. Hear Dana explain a major sticking point that is the difference between Conservatism and Republicanism. Dana does a hilarious segment on the "Vault 7" Wikileaks!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 1

    Dana explains why there needs to be a separate repeal and replace of Obamacare. You CAN NOT miss Dana's comments about "A Day Without a Woman" and what she has to say about feminism. This is a Dana you can not afford to miss!

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 3

    You have to tune in for this must listen to interview with Senator Rand Paul about the Obamacare replacement plan. Chuck DeVore also joins the show to discuss sanctions put on coal plants and much more concerning energy currently.

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 2

    Dana wonders why the Obamacare replacement plan was made in such secret. Dana gives her thoughts on the latest Wikileaks regarding the CIA. You can't miss Dana's reaction to Ben Carson's latest comments.

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 1

    Dana breaks down the newest travel ban executive order. She explains once and for all why this is not a Muslim ban in the slightest. Listen to Dana explain why she is NOT happy with the proposed GOP replacement for Obamacare.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 3

    You will not believe Brawny paper towels are doing now to appease to women. You do not want to miss Dana passionately discuss the proposed GOP plan to replace Obamacare and her problems with it and the politicians behind it.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 2

    Dana goes deeper into the wiretap allegations and breaks down how the FISA courts actually work. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the wiretap news as well as Trump's latest travel ban.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 1

    Dana talks about some of the responses surrounding the wiretap allegations. Dana can't believe people are actually listening to James Clapper and believing him after he lied under oath previously. Dana remembers the Alamo on its anniversary.

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 3

    Dana touches on the over blown Mike Pence email "scandal" she explains why this isn't even comparable to the Clinton scandal. Antonia Okafor joins the show to discuss the campus women's gun group called Empowered!

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 2

    Find out why Dana is disappointed with Barbara Bush and don't miss her strong comments about what Barbara Bush said. Do not miss Dana slam a Democratic Congressmen after his sexist and disgusting comments regarding Kellyanne Conway.

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the latest surrounding Jeff Sessions and him recusing himself from further matters dealing with the Trump campaign. Dana can't believe this this story of an illegal immigrant complaining about being deported after talking to the media about being an illegal.

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 3

    Dana talks about Valerie Jarrett moving in with the Obama's. Hear what Dana has to say about Obama staying involved with politics and what it shows about the Democratic party. You have to hear Dana slam down Senator Chris Murphy after his latest comments regarding a gun bill.

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 2

    Dana continues covering the big news of the day regarding AG Jeff Sessions and the ridiculous calls for him to resign by the Democrats. You don't want to miss this story of Democrats giving away $4 million to IT impostors..

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 1

    Dana is on top of the big news regarding Jeff Sessions and Russia and you don't want to miss Dana passionately explain why this is a witch hunt. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the alleged Sessions/Russia involvement.

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 3

    Dana talks about her least favorite part of Trump's speech regarding paid family leave. Dana has some fun at the end of the show talking about one of her biggest fears...Boston Dynamics robots!

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 2

    Dana compares the media's reaction to Trump's speech last night to President Obama's speech when he gave it. Dana talks about Trump's announcement of VOICE and the latest with immigration.

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 1

    Dana recaps the major speech President Trump gave last night. Find out why Dana believes this was Trump's best speech yet and hear what she believed was the biggest moment from last night. You also don't want to miss Dana mock some of the left's reactions to Trump's speech.

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 3

    Is National Reciprocity on the horizon!? Hear Dana talk about this exciting possibility. Dana has some fun with the way Trump eats his steak!

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 2

    Find out which Democrat is not going to shake Trump's hand at his speech to Congress tonight. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock him! Dana breaks down a state bill that would make it harder to purchase ammunition.

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 1

    You do not want to miss Dana's intense critique of the media after they made a bigger deal of Kellyanne Conway having her feet on a sofa than the care of our veterans. Also, don't miss Dana hilariously talk about the infamous "Cash Me Outside" girl!

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 3

    Dana breaks down the new DNC Chair Tom Perez and talks about the Democratic party moving even further left. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously break down a recent "feminist" Campbell's Soup commercial.

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 2

    Dana critiques a liberal acceptance speech from the Oscars about migrants and immigration. Dana examines George Bush's relationship in and with the media now 8 years removed from his Presidency. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss this as a former member of the Bush admin.

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 1

    Don't miss Dana recap everything from the Oscars last night! Dana tears a part the Iranian foreign film winner's statement for not being there because of Trump's "travel ban"

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 3

    Dana explains why it isn't a big deal at all that CNN and other news organizations were not allowed at the White House briefing today. James O'Keefe joins the show to discuss his latest videos and the CNN leaks.

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 2

    Don't miss Dana expose these made up movements on the left where they are paying protesters to attend these GOP town halls. Dana has had enough of the transgender outcry and explains why they aren't even having any rights taken away!

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 1

    Dana returns and recaps all that is happening at CPAC including Trump's speech from this morning. You do not want to hear Dana go off on the media for misreporting a story about "Russian Trump Flags" at CPAC.

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 3

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Don Gray joins the show to discuss Mike Pence's visit to the vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri. Mark talks about this ridiculous theory of people having PTSD from the election and he took callers opinions on this.

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 2

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Mark has some fun at the expense of the media who seem to be letting Trump get under their skin. Mark asks the listeners where they get their news and media consumption from?

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 1

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Mark recaps and plays back some of Dana's speech from CPAC. Mark covers the latest Project Veritas leaks about CNN.

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 3

    Dana gets into the proposed Tax reform is that coming soon and talks about which parts she likes and dislikes. Dana has some fun with Producer Marty on his 3 year anniversary of being shot!

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 2

    Dana breaks down the 4th Circuit Court ruling regarding assault weapon bans in Maryland, and you don't want to miss her detailed explanation about why the court got it wrong. Dana touches on the latest transgender issue involving a high school wrestler in Texas.

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 1

    Dana debunks the media's reports of "turmoil" in Trump's administration just because of a few disagreements. You have to hear Dana hilariously mock a Washington Post article saying Democracy is dead.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 3

    Dana tries understanding why Melanie Trump is being attacked for saying a prayer. Find out what she has to say on what looks like another attack on Christians. You have to hear Dana's hilarious airline story amid American Airlines trying out a new type of flight style.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 2

    Hear Dana talk about the newest diet fad that's in style called the "Venezuelan Diet." You won't want to miss that hilarious segment! Dana also gives her final thoughts on the serious issue of Milo and child molestation.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 1

    Dana talks about the announcement of H.R. McMaster as the new National Security Adviser. You do not want to hear Dana slam the left and media who mocked Trump for his Sweden comments as riots and loots occur in an immigrant suburb there. Find out why serial killer Kermit Gosnell is contacting Will Smith!

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 3

    Milo is dis-invited to CPAC for promoting pedophilia. Dana plays some of his controversial comments.

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 2

    What happened last night in Sweden? Dana has answers. Steven Yates discusses tensions between the US and China.

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 1

    The president says the press is the enemy of the people. Milo Yiannopoulos supports pedophilia, is disinvited to CPAC. Researchers want to treat video game addiction like other addictions.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 3

    Some people want to ban human-shaped targets at the gun range. Free Bleeding. Mailbag of Hate.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 2

    Trump battle with Jim Acosta and the press. Celebrities battle vs Texas over proposed bathroom law. Ted Nugent joins the show to discuss a possible Senate run in Michigan.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the incredibly entertaining Trump PC from yesterday. Dana gives her thoughts on Admiral Harward declining the National Security Adviser position. You don't want to miss Dana get fiery with Moms Demand!

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 3

    You don't want to miss what Dana has to say about Disney's dismissal of Youtube star Felix Kjellberg after his latest prank goes too far. Cheri Reisch and her attorney Jennifer Bukowsky join Dana on the show to discuss Cheri being harassed for being a concealed gun carrier at an event in Missouri.

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 2

    Dana further covers Trump's entertaining press conference from today that you don't want to miss. You won't believe this State Supreme Court ruling against a flower shop, and you need to hear Dana's reaction to this ruling!

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 1

    Dana has the latest on the Michael Flynn story. You don't want to miss Dana school the left for comparing this to Watergate or Hillary Clinton's server. Dana explains why the leaks are worse than what Flynn did. Hear some of Donald Trump's PC from today LIVE and Dana's comments on it.

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 3

    Dana dips into pop culture and explains why even as a Conservative she doesn't believe punishing artists for their beliefs is the right move. Dana comments on the Democrats reviving the Organizing for Action group. You don't want to miss hearing who Dana believes is the one threat for Republicans for future elections.

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 2

    Dana hits back at leftists to explain why the Flynn situation is not even remotely the same as the Clinton server or Podesta email situation. You will not believe what refugees are actually complaining about now!

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 1

    Dana continues her coverage of the Michael Flynn story and you don't want to miss what she has to say about the latest information. Hear why Dana believes it's a problem we are even able to talk about it. Find out what CNN's Jim Acosta said today and why Dana isn't having any of it!

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 3

    You don't want to miss Dana hitting back at Chelsea Clinton and her criticism of Donald Trump. You won't believe the reason people were saying Beyonce didn't win the Grammy for Best Album.

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 2

    Dana continues her coverage of the Michael Flynn resignation. You don't want to miss what she has to say about it! Dana talks about the ICE raids and mocks the left for being surprised that ICE is actually doing their jobs..

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 1

    Dana has you covered with the big news of the day regarding Michael Flynn's resignation. Dana poses a lot of interesting questions regarding the resignation and what it means. Dana also gives her thoughts on Valentine's Day!

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 3

    Don't miss Dana hit back at the left for being mad about Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. Dana discusses Beyonce's political statements and more from the Grammy's last night.

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 2

    Dana hits back at Bernie Sanders' outrageous claims that the Koch Brothers funded the Tea Party, and that the current movement on the left is "spontaneous." Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss Trump's travel ban and his meetings with world leaders.

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 1

    Dana recaps the Grammy's last night, including hitting back at criticism for even watching them. Dana gives the latest on the dangerous situation going on in California with the dam right now.

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 3

    You won't believe what the NFL is threatening Texas with now over a bathroom bill! Dana has had enough of this bathroom nonsense. Dana does her mailbag of hate and you won't want to miss this edition!

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 2

    Dana tries to figure out why Black Lives Matters are now harassing and blocking Betsy DeVos from entering a public school. You will not believe this story of parents winning millions of dollars over NOT having abortions. You have to hear Dana squash people attempting to use Christianity as a reason to keep Obamacare.

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 1

    Dana gives you an educational breakdown of the 9th Circuit Court ruling regarding Trump's travel ban. Dana calls out a group of Under Armour celebrity spokespeople who criticized Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank for supporting Trump's business policies.

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 3

    You won't believe the kind of damage these Dakota Pipeline Protesters caused! You can't miss this must listen to segment where Dana calls out Elizabeth Warren and her fake Indian heritage!

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 2

    Dana slams Democrats, specifically Elizabeth Warren, for using the King name to play the race card against Jeff Sessions. Dana explains how Gorsuch is playing the left and they don't even know it!

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 1

    You have to hear this story of Senator Scott being attacked by the left for being a black man supporting Senator Sessions. Hear Dana smash the left for continuing to play identity politics. Dana gives her thoughts on the Nordstrom/Trump feud as well as Kellyanne Conway's comments on Fox News regarding it.

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 3

    Dana recaps the Cruz/Sanders healthcare debate from last night. You have to hear Dana have some fun mocking Bernie Sanders! You won't believe what Planned Parenthood had quotas for! You can't miss this story.

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 2

    Dana cuts live to a car chase happening in LA! You don't want to miss what Dana has to say about this Nordstrom/Trump family feud!

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 1

    You have to hear Dana's hilarious reaction to Senator McConnell shutting down Elizabeth's Warren attempt to talk bad about Senator Sessions. Dana touches on the Senator Cruz vs Senator Sanders healthcare debate.