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  • Friday December 15 - Full Show

    Marco Rubio is finally a "yes" on the tax plan after they raise the child tax credit. Paul Ryan addresses the rumors that he is stepping down as House Speaker. Daily Caller reports a timeline of FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his Clinton bias. Dana can't wait for Star Wars. Omarosa's departure from the White House was less than pleasant. Progressive women are being rude to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Dana reluctantly watches a Hallmark Christmas movie, and they all sound the same. Nazareth has cancelled some Christmas celebrations over Trump's relocation of Israel's capital to Jerusalem. Dana discusses the ridiculousness of a Williams-Sonoma catalog. The FBI watered down James Comey's statement on the Clinton email investigation.

  • Thursday December 14 - Full Show

    The Senate hearing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is framed as a Right-wing attack on justice. Net Neutrality gets repealed in the FCC. 26 year olds fear of falling off their parents health plan, and complaining about it. Politico publishes a story about Paul Ryan leaving his position. Newsweek publishes that the father of the bullied child that went viral is a racist. Hillary Clinton is wearing a boot after she breaks her toe. Paul Ryan suggests to keep up the birth rate to replace jobs. Rep Louie Gohmert joins us to discuss the Russia investigation and the Rod Rosenstein hearing.

  • Wednesday December 13 - Full Show

    Democrat Doug Jones pulls the upset over Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. Dana explains how Steve Bannon contributed to Moore’s loss. FBI agent Peter Strzok’s bias in the Russia investigation is revealed after text messages are released. Anderson Cooper claims his Twitter was hacked. Minnesota appoints the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota to replace Al Franken’s Senate seat.

  • Tuesday December 12 - Full Show

    Alabama heads to the polls for its Senatorial Special Election. Trump attacks Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren accuses the President of “slut-shaming”. Oreo is releasing more flavors of Oreo's. A 6 year old made $11 Million reviewing toys on YouTube. The White House Press Briefing got heated Monday. Alabamians have to make a crucial decision on their Senator while the country watches. Recent polls show Roy Moore ahead before the polls close. Instapundant asks Robert Mueller if anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page was responsible for approving her boyfriend, Peter Stzok's, FISA warrants.

  • Monday December 11 - Full Show

    A Bangladeshi nationalist attempts a terrorist attack in a New York City transit hub. A Washington Post writer posted an inaccurate photo about a Trump rally, continuing the latest trend of media malpractice. Dana reluctantly watches the Hallmark Channel. Obama compares the Trump Presidency to Hitler. Trump attacks fake news and CNN yet again. Chelsea Handler posts a video criticizing Sarah Huckabee Sanders appearance. A video goes viral of a boy who had gotten bullied at school and the media focuses on his “racist” mom. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calls for President Trump to resign over his past sexual harassment allegations. The White House Press Briefing gets heated over press accountability. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the terrorist attack in New York City.

  • Friday December 8 - Full Show

    As the Alabama Special Election looms, more details emerge on the Roy Moore allegations. Los Angeles is trying to ban house parties. Congressman Trent Franks resigns over discussing surrogacy with fellow staffers. We take callers opinions on Open Line Friday. CNN misreports an exclusive about a public WikiLeaks document about Russia. Dana continues to correct more discrepancies about the Fix NICS bill. The writer of the Russian dossier worked for the Justice Department under Obama. Conservative writers are continuing to misquote gun laws. A transgender man is proud he beat other women in weightlifting.

  • Thursday December 7 - Full Show

    Al Franken resigns as US Senator and bashes Trump and Roy Moore in his address. MSNBC tries to frame the US Embassy move in Jerusalem to the Alabama Senate election. A man made his backyard shed the top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. Robert Mueller's investigator Jeannie Rhee has donated maximum donation to the Hillary campaign. Chelsea Handler blames the Los Angeles wildfires on Trump. The Fix NICS bill passes the House, paving the way for national concealed carry reciprocity; Dana continues to clear up fake assumptions. Dana recognizes the 76th Pearl Harbor Day. We go to live to the President meeting Congressional leaders. Rep. Ron DeSantis joins us to discuss the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem and the Russian investigation.

  • Wednesday December 6 - Full Show

    We go to the President live making remarks regarding Israel. Dana discusses the reasoning behind moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Dana hates her husband’s choice for a chandelier. The House votes on a national reciprocity bill called the FIX NICS Act; Dana clears up the facts and narratives. Dana’s son won a class debate on gun control. Wildfires are spreading into Downtown Los Angeles. Alabama Democratic candidate for Senate Doug Jones has an interesting platform. TIME magazine names the “Silence Breakers” their Person of the Year for the bravery of the #MeToo movement.

  • Tuesday December 5 - Full Show

    FBI supervisor Peter Strzok softened the statements about Hillary to avoid legal implications. The Supreme Court allows Trump’s third version of the travel ban to go into effect. Trump tells Palestinians he intends to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Apparently eating meat causes “hegemonic masculinity”. The Supreme Court takes up a case regarding a bakery refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding. Former US Chief Asst. US Attorney Andrew McCarthy joins us to discuss the Russia probe and Special Counsel. Democrats go on a tirade about what’s in the Senate tax bill. John Conyers announces his retirement. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn joins us to discuss a House bill proposed to fire Congressmen who use taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment claims. We have a debate about french fries.

  • Monday December 4 - Full Show

    The media frenzy beings as the case for obstruction of justice arises after a controversial Trump tweet. ABC News suspends Brian Ross after falsely reporting an incorrect story. Dana shares Ross’ history of incorrecting reporting. TIME reveals its list for Person of the Year. The editor at Vogue in India attacked Ivanka Trump’s gowns by claiming she was appropriating Indian fashion. We go live to the President addressing Salt Lake City, Utah on Federal land designation. The Senate passed the tax overhaul and the bill will head to reconciliation. A national conceal carry reciprocity bill is going up for a vote in the House. Dana explains the Logan Act and why it does not apply in the Russian investigation.

  • Friday December 1 - Full Show

    Garcia Zarate, the illegal alien in the Kate Steinle case was proven not guilty. Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, Dana clears up a media narrative. The illegal alien who shot Kate Steinle returned to San Francisco 5 times because he knew he wouldn’t get deported. Dana refurbishes the story of Jamiel Shaw. Dana shares other countries’ refugee policies. The Senate is confident they have the votes to pass the tax plan. Dana explains media malpractice after a study finds journalists are threatened more than ever. Congressman Rod Blum joins us to discuss the GOP tax bill and the Congressional slush fund for sexual harassment lawsuits.

  • Thursday November 30 - Full Show

    Variety Magazine drops a bombshell on Matt Lauer. Nancy Pelosi changes her mind and calls for John Conyers to step down. We take callers’ opinions on results from these sexual allegations. The New York Times seems to support corporate activism in politics when it supports their candidates. Rolling Stone thinks we may have given Trump too much power. People have been death threatening the chair of the FCC over the possible net neutrality repeal. NBC employees trash Megyn Kelly for condemning Matt Lauer. Linda Sarsour spoke at a conference against anti-Semitism. Newsweek changed their headline after writing a misleading headline. Bette Midler shares an interview where Geraldo Rivera molested her.

  • Wednesday November 29 - Full Show

    NBC fires Matt Lauer over sexual harassment allegations. CNN refuses to attend the White House Christmas party over a tweet. John Kerry let some info slip on US-North Korea intel. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer declined a meeting with the President after a tweet. The Senate tax bill seems more likely to pass. Dana admits women have it better than men nowadays. NPR host Garrison Keillor canned after molestation. The courts approve of Mick Mulvaney becoming new CFPB Chair after Rob Cordray uses taxpayer money to fund the legal case. We go live to the President’s remarks in Missouri on the tax plan.

  • Tuesday November 28 - Full Show

    Dana explains how Elizabeth Warren advanced her political career after identifying herself as a Native American. Warren practiced law in Massachusetts after having a failed license. Another accuser comes out against John Conyers. Keith Olbermann announces he’s stepping down from politics. Bernie Sanders wrote an interesting essay in 1972. The Senate still lacks the votes to pass the tax plan. North Korea launches its furthest ICBM yet. Congressman Richard Hudson joins us to discuss his sponsored national reciprocity bill.

  • Monday November 27 - Full Show

    Nancy Pelosi calls John Conyers an icon after he uses taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment lawsuits. Al Franken apologizes live. Twitter freaked out over Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ pecan pie. The Dems continue to circle the wagon on sexual harassment allegations. Prince Harry announces his engagement to an American actress. Sophia the robot, is saying some pretty disturbing things. A transgender woman wants to complete in the New Zealand weightlifting competition. A Democrat pollster calls the Republican Party a domestic terror group. Trump trolls Elizabeth Warren in front of WWII Navajo Code Talkers. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the mosque attack in Egypt.

  • Wednesday November 22 - Full Show

    Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile continues to state how the Democrat primary was illegitimate. The Congressional Office of Accountability has paid over $17 Million of taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment claims. People took to Twitter to attack Dana’s sponsors. Roy Moore’s Communications Director resigns. The New Yorker rips Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Thanksgiving press briefing. Roy Moore’s legal team continues to not help his cause. A woman put Republican Joe Barton’s nudes on the Internet. Trump makes his first comment on Roy Moore. Rand Paul’s recovery from assault is worse than reported. We discuss ways to not politicize Thanksgiving and ways to make Thanksgiving all about politics.

  • Tuesday November 21 - Full Show

    Newsweek finds a way to politicize the late Charles Manson. Trump pardons a turkey. LaVar Ball trashes Trump in an interview defending his son’s shoplifting incident in China. Callers discuss their thoughts. Dem Rep. John Conyers paid a settlement for sexual harassment allegations. Women of SNL sign a letter of support for Al Franken. More on the definition of sexual harassment when it concerns the Left. The Senate plans to vote on the tax bill within ten days. An executive at Pixar steps down over sexual battery claims. Dana explains how to interact with family at Thanksgiving.

  • Monday November 20 - Full Show

    Glenn Thrush, the New York Times White House correspondent, was suspended due to sexual harassment claims. More Dems dodge on Al Franken’s fate. Former IRS executive Lois Lerner faces death threats. Trump attacks Lavar Ball for not praising him for releasing UCLA basketball players from a Chinese prison. Trump adds North Korea back onto the state sponsored terrorism list. Mattel introduces Hijab Barbie. People still don’t understand the elephant trophy situation. Another women comes out accusing Al Franken. The double standard continues. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the overturn of North Korea off the state sponsored terrorism list.

  • Friday November 17 - Full Show

  • Thursday November 16 - Full Show

    Al Franken admits to sexually harassing a woman in 2006.Clinton thinks a Special Counsel investigation into Uranium One is an abuse of power. John Cornyn introduces a bill to reform the background check system. A judge declares a mistrial in the Bob Menendez case. Dana explains the NCIC laws which were supposed to prohibit the Sutherland Springs shooter. Bob Menendez gets political after his trial became a hung jury. A woman accuses Sylvester Stallone of sexual harassment. Roy Moore trashes McConnell at a press conference, telling McConnell to step down. Dana’s dogs don’t like her window washers.

  • Wednesday November 15 - Full Show

    The Senate tax plan will repeal the individual mandate for Obamacare. The GOP pulls fundraising for Roy Moore’s campaign. Roy Moore’s lawyer is having a hard time defending him. California police made a horrific discovery in the investigation of the Northern California shooter. The discussion continues on how influential past administrations have influenced the Department of Justice. Dana can’t wait to see porgs in the new Star Wars. We go live to the President making remarks after returning from his trip to Asia.

  • Tuesday November 14 - Full Show

    Friends of Roy Moore describe his predatory behavior in Alabama. Jeff Sessions endures another Congressional hearing about Russian contacts. Many questions arise among the local support for Roy Moore. The Atlantic is making claims without due process. 3 children are dead after a shooting in a Northern California school. We take callers’ opinions on what to do about the Roy Moore scandal. Joe Biden thinks the Texas massacre hero shouldn’t have been possessing. The shooter in Northern California already had a felony. A man thinks he is trans-racial because he feels Filipino. Bob Menendez has still yet to be convicted.

  • Monday November 13 - Full Show

    Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore continues to deny any sexual allegations with teenage girls. Saturday Night Live mocks the out of touch Democratic leadership. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm doesn’t understand the Roy Moore accusations. Mitch McConnell says Roy Moore should “step aside”. Dana shares how the left exploits situations that benefit them. The Army lifts ban on people with mental disorders including past addicts and self-mutilators from enlisting. Dana explains the treatment of some of the veterans. A second accuser comes forward against Roy Moore. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the President’s Asia trip. The Lord of the Rings is pursuing a TV series.

  • Friday November 10 - Full Show

    The Roy Moore allegations blow up in the press. Due process is under threat in some cases in the US. Dana explains the dirty politics in the press. More details emerge on the assault on Rand Paul. Sutherland Springs remains grieving on what to do next. Dana shares a story written about a family from Sutherland Springs. Russia says it will retaliate after RT was ‘forced’ to register as a foreign agent. Trump and Putin are meeting in Vietnam. Dana is still amazed you can order food off of your phone. Virginia Congressman Dave Brat joins us to discuss Veterans Affairs and tax reform. California asked a church to stop feeding the homeless because they’re contributing to the problem.

  • Thursday November 9 - Full Show

    Joe Biden regrets not running for President. Many Congressmen are ending their tenures. Alabama Judge Roy Moore is hit with sex allegations amid Senate run. Jeff Flake continues his anti-Trump tirade. Roy Moore’s campaign releases a statement denying the sexual allegations. Details of the Senate’s version of the tax plan are unveiled. Dana is picky about her cheese curds.

  • Wednesday November 8 - Full Show

    Republican Ed Gillespie loses the Governor’s race in Virginia and the media races to make hot takes. Jeff Flake introduces a bill that already exists in law. Virginia’s Governor-Elect Ralph Northam claims he defeated fear mongering. Sheep can recognize Obama’s face. Dana shares the heroic story of a survivor of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Diane Feinstein introduces an assault weapons ban into Congress. Dana breaks down Feinstein’s proposed legislation and possible results. We take callers opinions. Kentucky Congressman Tom Massie joins us to discuss the House GOP tax plan. USA Today thinks a chainsaw bayonet is a possible modification to a gun.

  • Tuesday November 7 - Full Show

    The heroic actions of Stephen Willeford come to light, who stopped the Sutherland Springs shooter. The Air Force failed to report the shooter’s domestic violence charge to the Pentagon, allowing him to purchase a gun. With newer details emerging about the shooter, Dana explains how the government failed to follow the law. The Left continues tries create gun laws that already exist. The NCIC employee who let this background check slip through will face harsh consequences. Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile dedicating her book to the late Seth Rich raises some questions. Former Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin trashes Virginia GOP Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. Dana ends her tenure at The Blaze.

  • Monday November 6 - Full Show

    Texas suffers its largest mass shooting in its state’s history as a gunman open fired in a church. Dana explains how it’s a mystery how the assassin obtained a firearm, and the current law he broke in the process of obtaining one. Dana shines light on the true heroes in this case. The shooter had a series of misdemeanors, mental health issues, and a dishonorable discharge from the Air Force. Rand Paul was assaulted in his front yard. Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins us to discuss the shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX. The media created a fake story about Trump in Japan feeding a koi pond. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss Trump’s current Asia trip.

  • Friday November 3 - Full Show

    Dana is not a fan of the House GOP’s tax plan. She shares of story when she met Alec Baldwin. Elizabeth Warren admits that the DNC was rigged for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat Party is doing is doing some serious soul-searching. Dana has a bone to pick with people who think nuance is dead and latch onto their party. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl avoids prison time after he deserted his post in Afghanistan. We discuss our opinion the Top 5 most overrated movies. Bowe Bergdahl only gets a dishonorable discharge after allowing US soldiers to die in Afghanistan. A company is trying to sue a haunted house if you get too scared. Dana discusses the pros and cons of the recently released tax bill. DeShaun Watson tears his ACL and the Texans sign Matt McGloin instead of Colin Kaepernick.

  • Thursday November 2 - Full Show

    Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile wrote a piece how corrupt the DNC and Hillary Clinton is. Michelle Obama thinks we are raising boys to be entitled. Should the Manhattan terrorist be considered an enemy combatant? The House GOP unveils their tax plan, Dana breaks it down. We discuss our Top 5 favorite emojis. Kevin Spacey says he’s going through treatment. President Trump nominates Jerome Powell to head The Federal Reserve. Former US Attorney Andy McCarthy joins us to discuss the the New York terrorist attack and what to do with the terrorist.

  • Wednesday November 1 - Full Show

    A Uzbekistani terrorist kills 8 in Manhattan plowing through a bike trail, claims allegiance to ISIS. NBC jumped to cause friction on Twitter. The terrorist was on the FBI watch list and had came into the US on the Diversity Lottery, a Schumer-sponsored bill. We discuss the Top 5 worst trends. More updates on the NYC terrorist becomes available. Dana saw a very clever Halloween costume. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty joins us to discuss his new show In The Woods With Phil. Dana uses polls to figure out a lot of things.

  • Tuesday October 31 - Full Show

    Halloween episode: Dana wants you to participate in an “appropriation celebration”. Dana gives a history lesson on Halloween. The Las Vegas shooting has a peculiar update on the timeline. The Halifax Music Festival apologized after refusing to let people of color to the front of the crowd. Dana’s not convinced of any collusion without proof. We take callers on Halloween. We discuss our Top 5 worst Halloween costumes. Dana explains how tribalism works. The Obama campaign donated money to Fusion GPS in 2008. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss a North Korean nuclear test site collapses killing 200 people. An attack occurs in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City.

  • Monday October 30 - Full Show

    Ex-Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort turned himself into the FBI and indicted on 12 charges. Former Trump Campaign aide, George Papadapolous, pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. Tony Podesta randomly steps down from the Dem lobbying firm amid the indictments. We go live to the White House press briefing amid the indictments. Dana questions on why James Comey didn’t indict these people earlier. New York Times best-seller and election lawyer J. Christian Adams joins us to discuss Manafort’s indictments and the Podesta Group. If Manafort is to blame, then John Podesta is as well. Kevin Spacey responded to a sexual harassment claim by coming out of the closet. We discuss our Top 5 least favorite Halloween candy. House of Cards gets cancelled after Spacey’s alleged allegations, and Dana has a jingle for it.

  • Friday October 27 - Full Show

    Many top Dems deny knowing anything about funding Fusion GPS. Uranium One was used to persecute people and the media is ignoring it. The definition of collusion is getting muddy depending on what party you support. Feminists think women’s hygiene products are a basic human right. Some of the JFK files were released.The US experiences its fastest economic growth in decades. We discuss our Top 5 celebrity mullets. The IRS admits it attacked the Tea Party and other Conservative groups. Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron joins to discuss his film Revive Us 2. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate

  • Thursday October 27 - Full Show

    More info comes out about Clinton’s funding of Trump dossier. Dana explains why you should take this scandal seriously. We take a very interesting Progressive caller. We discuss our Top 5 drummers of all time. Corn pops are now racist. The Newtown shooter had an obscene fascination for children. George H.W. Bush was accused of sexual assault States are cracking down on fake service dogs. A Massachusetts school is not participating in Halloween because it’s not inclusive enough.

  • Wednesday October 25 - Full Show

    The investigation ensues on the Russian Dossier funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign; The FBI paid a British spy to leak discredited info about fake Russian collusion. Was this Dossier used to give warrants to investigate Trump’s personal life? We discuss our Top 5 cover songs. CNN had reported about Clinton collusion back in January and no one reported it. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert joins us to discuss the Russian Dossier scandal with the Clintons. This and much more!

  • Tuesday October 24 - Full Show

    Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump are exchanging childlike remarks amid tax reform. Cosmopolitan published an article prohibiting White parents from allowing their kids to dress up as Moana from Halloween. Bill O’Reilly continues to damage his name. Arizona's Paul Gosar blames George Soros for Charlottesville violence. We discuss our Top 5 least favorite bands. Senator Flake will not seek reelection. We go live to his comments on the Senate floor. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty joins us to discuss his new show In The Woods with Phil.

  • Monday October 23 - Full Show

    Maxine Waters says she wants to “take Trump out tonight”. The DNC feels a wave coming in 2018. CNN released their new ad about apples.People have become tribalistic against Dana’s latest NRA ad. We go live to Trump’s remarks at the White House. Donors are hesitant to donate to the schism in the Democratic party. We reveal our Top 5 TV commercials. Dana orders the worst salad ever. The Democrats have the chance to set the table in 2018. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss why US bombers are continually flying test runs and the accusations of Niger being the new Benghazi.

  • Friday October 20 - Full Show

    Congresswoman Frederica Wilson continues to criticize John Kelly and the Gold Star family. The movie “Snowman” has terrible reviews. Veterans call in to discuss Wilson’s remarks and death of Gold Star veterans. Frederica Wilson thinks General Kelly is lying. We take calls on Open Line Friday. We discuss our Top 5 least favorite words. Secretary of Defense James Mattis explains why there are US soldiers in Niger. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate. Glave comments on Playboy’s newest transgender model.

  • Thursday October 19 - Full Show

    A Harvard professor laid out a plan in which Hillary would still become President. Playboy introduces its first transgender model, and Dana has a problem with it. Roger Goodell wants players to stand for the anthem, but can’t force them to. We reluctantly reveal our Top 5 guilty pleasure songs. We go live to a press briefing to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who gives a powerful speech. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us to discuss the tax plan and health care. A study shows dogs know how to alter their facial expressions to affect human emotion. People think there is a Melania Trump doppelganger.

  • Wednesday October 18 - Full Show

    Al Franken and Jeff Sessions had a heated exchange in a Senate Judiciary Committee testimony. The Clinton Foundation used funds from a Russian uranium company during the Obama Administration. Newsweek still thinks that Hillary can become President during this term. One of Dana’s Internet trolls was linked to the Kremlin. Dana opposes Jeff Flake’s statement about the GOP. We discuss our Top 5 favorite band names. Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul are still arguing about the budget and Dana explains the fake anti-establishment identification within the GOP. Marie Harf credits Obama for the retaking of Raqqa. The TSA phases in new carry-on rules.

  • Tuesday October 17 - Full Show

    4 Green Berets were killed in an ambush in Niger. Jane Fonda isn’t proud of America anymore. Rand Paul and Lindsay Graham have beef on what to do with the budget, and Dana wants them to duke it out. The President explains the next step in repealing Obamacare. We go live to a press conference with President Trump and the Prime Minister of Greece. We discuss our Top 5 Halloween costumes. Harvey Weinstein’s brother is accused of sexual harassment. Hawaii blocks Trump’s travel ban hours before it goes into effect. A woman puts her children in the oven?

  • Monday October 16 - Full Show

    Dana recaps her experience at the Value Voters Summit in DC. Arby’s is unveiling venison sandwiches. People are threatening to remove the Alamo. Dana addresses the trend and attention that she got on her #MeToo story. Dana explains the difference in misogyny between Progressive and Conservative women. We discuss our Top 5 favorite things about Texas. Dana explains a few of Trump’s successes this week. She tries apple cider vinegar live on-air. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the de-certification if the Iran nuclear deal, and the situation in Iraq. Thomas The Tank Engine is becoming more politically correct.

  • Friday October 13 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Trump signed an executive order cutting Obamacare subsidies. We take callers on their thoughts on subsidy rescind. The President urges to say ‘Merry Christmas” again in October. We discuss how important the Harvey Weinstein story is in the grand scheme of things. Women call in to share their opinions.

  • Thursday October 12 - Full Show

    Trump said that the government should challenge the licenses of TV networks. Harvey Weinstein isn’t doing so well. Weinstein defended Roman Polanski back in 2009 after he raped a teenager. Diane Feinstein added more regulation to her bump stock bill. Paul Ryan may cancel the Christmas recess to get tax reform done. We debate our Top 5 guitarists. Trump touted his tax plan in Harrisburg. Dana already got her tickets for Star Wars. Erick Erickson joins us to talk about his book Before You Wake and his past year of health issues and politics. Dana’s son has his first football game tonight and she’s nervous.

  • Wednesday October 11 - Full Show

    Harvey Weinstein has fled to Europe since more women have come forward. Lindsay Lohan tries to defend him. Weinstein paid of a New Yorker reporter to not run the story on NBC. Dana explains other Hollywood instances where cases like this are common. Eminem trashed Trump in a freestyle rap at the BET Hip-hop Awards. We discuss our Top 5 heroic movie characters. It is illegal in California to use the wrong pronoun to describe someone. Justin Trudeau is raising his son to be a feminist. Record producer Skrill-Dilly joins us to discuss Las Vegas and the 2nd Amendment. We take a caller on Boy Scouts allowing girls in.

  • Tuesday October 10 - Full Show

    More women are coming out against Harvey Weinstein. The Las Vegas timeline has changed. Dana gives lesson on Feminism after women are hesitant to condone Harvey Weinstein. We brainstorm names for the Weinstein Company. Chilling audio of Harvey Weinstein talking to a woman is released. We discuss our Top 5 most interesting movie characters. An officer lost his life by a Texas Tech student and the Texas Democratic Party blamed responsible gun owners. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss current North Korean diplomacy on the day of a celebration of the DPRK. There’s a harsher penalty in California for misusing pronouns than knowingly donating HIV-ridden blood.

  • Monday October 9 - Full Show

    Dana gives a Spanish history lesson on Columbus Day. It is no longer a felony to knowingly transmit HIV in California. The Vegas shooter is more disgusting and repulsive than we thought. Saturday Night Live took a jab at gun control. Ivana and Melania Trump are beefing. We talk about our Top 5 things about Oktoberfest. Rick Santorum accuses video games for influencing violence. Hollywood waited until Harvey Weinstein was fired to oppose his sexual allegations. More people are coming forward again Weinstein. Mike Pence left the Colts game because players were kneeling.

  • Friday October 6 - Full Show

    Should we allow the Democrats to craft a gun law? More details about Stephen Paddock have yet to come out. Nancy Pelosi hopes the bump stock ban leads to a “slippery slope” of gun control. We have open line Friday. The ATF has made a mistake and the Democrats want to take an advantage of it. We discuss our Top 5 Western movies. We take more callers on bump stocks and the ATF’s response. Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed joins us to talk about Congress’ latest legislation. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

  • Thursday October 5 - Full Show

    Congress has become drafting gun control legislation. The shooter had some sort of help in his operation. Senator Diane Feinstein introduces a bill banning bump stocks. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think background checks exist, neither do many other people. Michael Moore wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Nancy Sinatra had some harsh words for the NRA. We discuss our Top 5 movie songs. Callers chime in on gun regulations. Hillary Clinton continues to get facts wrong about gun legislation, plus more healthy conversations on the topic. Christopher Scalia, son of Antonin Scalia joins us to discuss his book, Scalia Speaks. Trump is going to decertify the Iran nuclear deal. 

  • Wednesday October 4 - Full Show

    More info about Stephen Paddock becomes available. Jimmy Kimmel blamed millions of Americans for the shooting. Trump was criticized for the way he threw paper towels. The media tried to use the Las Vegas tragedy to run false headlines. The narratives continue while still not knowing which weapons were used in Las Vegas. We discuss our Top 5 superpowers. Stephen Paddock bought one of his guns in California which has universal background checks. It’s National Taco Day! A tropical storm is forming near Nicaragua. Keith Olbermann needs a history lesson.

  • Tuesday October 3 - Full Show

    Dana debunks circulating rumors regarding gun capabilities and firearm law enforcement. Plus, more important information about homicide rates, firearm capabilities and how fully automated weapons could have gotten obtained. More info about the shooter is released, but the facts still don’t add up. John Rich from Big & Rich joins us to discuss his terrifying experience that fatal night in Las Vegas.

  • Monday October 2 - Full Show

    The US experiences the largest mass shooting in its history. The investigation is still ongoing. Trump will be visiting Las Vegas Wednesday. Dana clarifies how difficult automatic weapons are to obtain. Another terrorist attack happened in Marseille last night. ISIS claimed responsibility for Las Vegas but the facts don’t add up. Hillary Clinton immediately began politicizing tragedy. Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital after cardiac arrest.

  • Friday September 29 - Full Show

    All of the Packers and Bears of stood for the National Anthem and locked arms. A elementary teacher in Cambridge rejects “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess given by Melania because it’s racist. Tennessee Titan Delaney Walker told fans to go home. Russia created a social media account called “Blacktivist” to stir racial tensions during the 2016 Election. Alan Dershowitz is going to sue Berkeley if they don’t let him speak. The media is trying to make Puerto Rico Trump’s Katrina. We discuss our Top 5 Halloween movies. Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price is in hot water after using taxpayer money to fly private. New York City cabs are struggling and asking the government to help. A veteran Evan Hofer joins us about to talk about his coffee business Black Rifle. The new “Pause Pod” looks a lot like a tent.

  • Thursday September 28 - Full Show

    Dana’s Birthday Episode. Bernie Sanders hates Trump’s new tax plan. Steve Scalise returns to the House after the Congressional baseball shooting. Megyn Kelly ticked off Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery. The Green Bay Packers asked their fans to join them in unity for tonight’s game. Hitler’s underwear? We take callers on the NFL’s response. For Dana’s birthday, we talk about out Top 5 birthday wishes. Nancy Pelosi said the Puerto Rican “came to the US”. We break down Trump’s tax plan. Chuck Todd doesn’t know how the Constitution works. A librarian refused books brought by Melania Trump.

  • Wednesday September 27 - Full Show

    The GOP introduces tax reform. Roy Moore pulls the upset in Alabama Senate race. More aid is sent to Puerto Rico. A woman dressed up as a clown to kill her ex-husband. The original narrative from Colin Kaepernick has changed. We talk about our Top 5 people we would want to have lunch with. Dana has decided to watch a stream of a stream. Women can finally drive in Saudi Arabia. Dana hates surprises. We go live to the President unveiling the new tax code.

  • Tuesday September 26 - Full Show

    People are criticizing Trump for not caring about Puerto Rico enough. The narrative for kneeling has gotten out of control. The Steelers player who served in Afghanistan apologizes for standing for the anthem. Dana assumes on what the inside of a news corporation looks like. The Senate GOP won’t vote on Graham-Cassidy. Hillary be lying again. We cherish our Top 5 things about Autumn. Details about the recent tax plan have been released. HGTV’s Fixer Upper is ending. The Left has turned kneeling into a culture battle.

  • Monday September 25 - Full Show

    Dana breaks down what kneeling for the national anthem actually means in the case of the NFL. Anthony Weiner is sentenced to 21 months in prison. We discuss other instances where business’ free speech was infringed upon. Actor Jesse Williams says that the anthem is a recruitment tool for the military. We take callers about the topic. We discuss statistics on police brutality and find the narrative. We discuss our Top 5 cartoons. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss North Korea’s assumption of war and Germany’s election. A heroic man stopped a shooting at a church in Tennessee.

  • Friday September 22 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Kim Jong-Un calls Trump a “dotard”. We take callers on what the US should do next. John McCain votes no on the Graham-Cassidy bill, thus ending repealing Obamacare. Callers show their feelings on the lack of a repeal. Is single-payer worth it? Facebook is releasing the info of 3,000 ads sold to the Russians. Plus Day in Stupidity and much more!

  • Thursday September 21 - Full Show

    Jimmy Kimmel threatened to pound Brian Kilmeade because of his comments on the Graham-Cassidy bill. MCNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell wasn’t too happy there was noise in the background during his broadcast. The Hill doesn’t like that Betsy DeVos self-funds herself flying private. Trump has decided what to do with Iran. Samantha Power was unmasking American citizens daily during her time as a UN Ambassador. We argue our Top 5 unpopular opinions. The debate over health care has heated up and the Graham-Cassidy bill’s fate is upcoming. Amazon’s suggested searches led users to ingredients for a bomb. RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel joins us to discuss the fate of Graham-Cassidy, Samantha Power, and more.

  • Wednesday September 20 - Full Show

    Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a powerful speech where called Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” again. DREAMers interrupted a Nancy Pelosi speech and forced her off stage. People think the GIF of Trump hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton promotes violence. Dana’s recap of UN General Assembly. A classroom of students in California were tied up to reenact slavery. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss recent North Korean sanctions. Dana had an MRI. Melania Trump wore a pink top to the UN Luncheon and the media went crazy. A St. Louis pizza shop owner took cheap shots at cops. Newt Gingrich joins us to talk about wiretapping, Graham-Cassidy bill, and more.

  • Tuesday September 19 - Full Show

    Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a powerful speech where called Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” again. DREAMers interrupted a Nancy Pelosi speech and forced her off stage. People think the GIF of Trump hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton promotes violence. A Georgia Tech student was fatally shot by police after telling them to shoot him. We reveal our Top 5 breakfast foods. A classroom of students in California were tied up to reenact slavery. The US government wiretapped Paul Manafort during the Trump campaign.  

  • Monday September 18 - Full Show

    The Emmys were extremely political and Sean Spicer made an appearance. The new budget will have some funding for exploratory transgender research. Kate McKinnon thanked Hillary Clinton in her Emmy acceptance speech. Dana makes really good biscuits. Bernie Sanders can’t answer how to pay for Medicare For All. More terrorist attacks are occurring in Europe with known-wolves. Protests continue in St. Louis after the Stockley verdict. We discuss our Top 5 superheroes. A woman was offended by a craft in Hobby Lobby. A company called themselves Bodega and it’s trying to remove corner stores. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss recent North Korean sanctions.

  • Friday September 15 - Full Show

    Another terrorist attack occurs in London’s Tube. North Korea launched another missile over Japan. A St. Louis police officer acquitted of his charges for the death of a Black civilian. A rapper that out an album out called “Wash yo ass” called out the NRA. Dana explains the Stockley verdict. A writer said that protesting must be violent. We talk about our Top 5 smartphone applications. The UK PM May thought Trump overreacted to the London terror attack. We take callers on the Jason Stockley verdict. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate. An organization thinks pumpkin spice lattes are funding White supremacy.

  • Thursday September 14 - Full Show

    Trump agrees with the Democrats to keep DREAMers in the US. Tom Morello thinks makes an outrageous claim about Paul Ryan. Harvard named Chelsea Manning a fellow. Dana thinks Obamacare is here to stay. Hillary Clinton does an interesting breathing technique to calm her down. Denny’s has a new mascot and it resembles something else. We reveal our Top 5 comedies. Has Trump caved in his promise for the wall? There is a bill to legalize fireworks in Ohio. Susan Rice unmasked Trump aides to learn about UAE meeting. Antifa protesters are showing up at Berkeley Ben Shapiro is speaking.

  • Wednesday September 13 - Full Show

    Dana is fed up with identity politics that Hillary Clinton expresses in her book. Clinton tries to point fingers rather than take fault for her loss in the election. Bernie Sanders introduces his single-payer health care bill, and Dems are lining up behind it. A woman is suing Starbucks because hot tea burnt her dog. We discuss our Top 5 pet peeves. An ESPN personality when on a Twitter rant bashing the President. People are trying to ban the Dodge Demon. Trump will sign a resolution condemning hate groups. A student was shot at a high school in Washington.

  • Tuesday September 12 - Full Show

    As recovery efforts continue, Trump is embarking a US tour for tax reform. Someone on Ted Cruz’s staff liked a porn video on Twitter by accident. The Wall Street Journal writers are upset they have to be fair when writing articles about the President. Airlines are introducing scents into the planes. All of the 2020 Democrats for president are backing Bernie’s single-payer health care system. A Japanese press conference lost the disease-filled blood-sucking tick it was warning people about. Hillary is doing a book tour about her new book. We reveal our Top 5 comedians. Apple introduces the iPhone X.

  • Monday September 11 - Full Show

    Dana reflects on this anniversary of 9/11. The aftermath of Hurricane Irma is devastating. Tony Marino from WDBO Orlando joins us throughout the show to discuss the status of Florida after Hurricane Irma. Dana shares where we are 16 years later after the attacks. We learn where listeners were on the morning of 9/11. Stephen Yates joins us to share his 9/11 story working in the White House.

  • Friday September 8 - Full Show

    Miami will get the worst of Hurricane Irma and evacuations are underway. Jennifer Lawrence suggests that Harvey and Irma were prompted by Trump becoming president. We get some weird calls for Open Line Friday. The House passes a Harvey relief bill attached to raise the debt ceiling. We have trouble trying to pronounce a river in Maine. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us to discuss the House Harvey relief/debt ceiling bill, GOP leadership, and tax reform. We reveal our top 5 beers. Joe Biden’s daughter thinks her dad is running president in 2020. Star Trek is coming out with a new season. Tony Marino from WDBO on Orlando joins us to discuss Hurricane Irma. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate.

  • Thursday September 7 - Full Show

    Irma barrels towards the US, more evacuations posted in Florida. Kane is eating weird food in the studio. The US Virgin Islands Governor signed an executive order to seize arms from its citizens. Ivanka Trump entered a meeting to influence a deal. Trump wants Congress to get a deal done on DACA. The flood waters from Harvey cause Houston to literally sink. We reveal our top 5 cars. A Florida woman drove off the road while she was Facebook live. The Senate approves to raise the debt ceiling with 17 Republicans opposing. Briggite Gabriel from Act For America joins us to discuss her Day of Action.

  • Wednesday September 6 - Full Show

    Dana updates on Hurricane Irma. John Legend put up a want ad for actors to play Trump supporters. Is the DACA problem just a political football? USA Today investigated the names of people who belonged to Trump’s golf clubs. Dana explains more on the rescinding process of DACA. Dana explains ways the bias in media as it happens and how the 1st Amendment operates. Toys’R’Us is claiming bankruptcy. Dana reiterates how serious Hurricane Irma is to the Florida listeners. A flight out of Florida is over 6000 dollars for an economy seat. Laura Loomer from The Rebel TV joins us to talk persecution of innocent individuals. We reveal our Top 5 Sci-Fi TV shows.

  • Tuesday September 5 - Full Show

    Jeff Sessions announces DACA has been rescinded. Dana dives into the implications. Paul Ryan changed his opinion on DACA and Congress will have to act accordingly. Brian Stelter is still hung up on an NRA video put up in April. Insane Clown Posse says “The Juggalo March” is happening on Washington for free speech. Steve Mnuchin wants to tie Harvey aid into the debt ceiling. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the growing North Korean threat. A Florida man fought a fox with an iPhone. Dana explains the one reason why she appreciates Taylor Swift. We reveal our top 5 1980’s songs. Canadian hunter Eva Shockey joins us to talk about her new book and her show on Outdoor Channel.

  • Friday September 1 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Paul Ryan does not believe that Trump should repeal DACA. Nate discusses his thoughts on DACA and illegal immigration. We take callers’ thoughts on DACA. A Florida man would cut off his wife's arm if she didn't sleep with him. Nate thanks everyone who has helped out the Harvey recovery efforts so far. We pose a question if one would steal or loot if he or she were desperate. That and more!

  • Thursday August 31 - Full Show

    Dana praises the heroic actions by Texans for coming together to save each other. We go live to Mike Pence speaking in Rockport, Texas. Dana clarifies about how she appreciates the Federal government. Houston bakers kept baking because they had nothing to do and donated it. Lena Dunham donated to only LGBT victims of Harvey. CNN claims that there was no pork in the Sandy relief bill. We discuss our top 5 destinations. A Florida man is pooping behind businesses. We go live to a press conference with Homeland Security Director Tom Bossert. Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson joins us to talk Representative Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s comments on assassinating the President.

  • Wednesday August 30 - Full Show

    More flooding in Texas as Harvey makes landfall in Louisiana. Linda Sarsour is soliciting donations for Harvey relief to a PAC. Politico put out an offensive political cartoon about rescuing people. Dana isn’t pleased on how the media covered Trump’s trip to Texas. Congressman Brian Babin is stuck in his house. The President visits Missouri where he will unveil his tax plan. We reveal our top 5 TV shows. We join Trump speaking live in Missouri. Michael Eric Dyson called Al Sharpton the “moral leader of our nation”. California may jail people who refuse to use a transgender pronoun.

  • Tuesday August 29 - Full Show

    We go live to a press conference with President Trump, Governor Abbott and Brock Long. Fatalities are rising and Dana urges to stay safe in Houston. People are mad that Melania was wearing heels before she flew to Texas. Dana gives another update on the status of dams and rivers in Texas, plus the surge in market prices. Joel Osteen received a ton of criticism for not opening his doors on his megachurch. We discuss our top 5 dog breeds. A Florida man stuffed $1000 in his butt. Dana shares a heroic story of teenagers rescuing people in Texas, and how you can help People on the Left have played party politics to make a point on Hurricane Harvey.

  • Monday August 28 - Full Show

    Dana sums up the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Texas. More antifa violence occurs over the weekend in Berkeley. Trump is visiting Texas Tuesday. Dana discusses what the next step is for Texas. Dana wins the Mayweather vs McGregor bet. Dana shares the story of Harvey the hawk. We touch on the pardoning of Joe Arpaio. Fire ants can survive flooding, especially in Texas. We reveal our top 5 horror movies. We go live to a press conference with Senator Cornyn from Texas and FEMA Director Brock long. Dana addresses a false narrative about funding for Hurricane Harvey.

  • Friday August 25 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. USC wants to rename the Trojan horse because its name is the same as Robert E. Lee’s horse. We take calls on the offensive content around the country. The Cleveland Browns participate in the largest anthem protest yet. Cleveland sports reporter Bob Frantz joins to discuss the Browns decision. Nate explains why he stands for the flag, and we ask listeners. Florida man spent a ton of money on his dog’s bedroom. Trump threatens to shutdown the government for the wall, and Nate is skeptical. We take callers on whether a government shutdown is worth the wall.

  • Thursday August 24 - Full Show

    Polls show Trump is losing support, but still not from his base. The 700 Million dollar Powerball winner comes forward. Maxine Waters acts tough at the BET Awards. A Manhattan Co-District Attorney threatens reciprocity leads to ISIS. Missouri protesters beat on someone’s car with a flagpole. Missouri is building the fastest spinning roller coaster in the world. We go to the phones for Open Line Thursday! We reveal our top 5 candies. The 9th circuit court is banning praying on a football field. Amy Schumer wanted more money for a Netflix special. A Sacramento school had a transgender discussion in kindergarten. 50 Million dollars of taxpayer money aided Afghan drug cartels in booze and guns. Plus, our predictions for the Mayweather-McGregor fight.

  • Wednesday August 23 - Full Show

    Lawrence O’Donnell cut in during Trump’s rally to prove a point. ESPN removed an Asian announcer from a game because his name is Robert Lee. We take callers on the Robert Lee situation. Hillary Clinton narrated her own audio book called “What Happened”. We go live to the President speaking at the Reno American Legion. UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie joins us to talk NRA Carry-Guard and predicts Mayweather/McGregor outcome. Dana pokes more fun at the ESPN Robert Lee situation. Plus, we reveal our Top 5 fast-food places.

  • Tuesday August 22 - Full Show

    Dana was impressed with the President’s speech on Afghanistan. Breitbart is selling Steve Bannon fidget spinners and Dana is still laughing. The Daily Caller wrote an article about Barron Trump’s outfit. More discussion on the Mayweather/McGregor fight. Recap on President Trump’s speech on Afghanistan. We discuss our Top 5 songs of all time. A Florida man brought a fish back to life. Marcellus Williams is convicted of the death penalty but will not die because of new evidence. Jim Carafano from the Heritage Foundation joins us to talk about Trump’s Afghanistan decision.

  • Monday August 21 - Full Show

    Dana introduces the Eclipse Episode and how much she cares about it. Live coverage in front of Dana’s house with Glave to see if she goes blind. Dana calls in to see if she can see anything from her front yard. Two snack cake companies have beef on Twitter. A Democratic strategist said the most terrorism right now is “Right-wing terrorism”. Dana touches more on free speech and why it matters. The left thinks the Boston free speech rally is a hate speech rally. We discuss our top 5 cereals. Steve Bannon made an evil comment about Ivanka Trump.

  • Friday August 18 - Full Show

    Its Friday and Dana is ecstatic with the decision of Trump to fire Steve Bannon today which show’s how adaptable he is as President plus it’s a great move on his part. Bannon will go after everyone he doesn't like or anyone who crossed him in the WH and will be going to be on his website. Also Kimberly Guilfoyle says in order to have a free safe society you have to be willing to  give up some freedoms also the  ACLU will not defend any group protesting with fire arms. Plus we have Danas TOP 5, today we discus your top 5 actors

    You wont believe the Florist that says she wants No Neo-Nazi Customers. Members in government calling for the resignation of Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle Nadol for a post suggesting the  assassination of the president.

    BARCELONA TERROR ATTACK UPDATE. Also this morning operation Choke Point is being shut down by the DoJ plus our Mailbag of Hate.

  • Thursday August 17 - Full Show

    Breaking News Barcelona Terror Attack. Reports of 1 dead and 32 injured.

    State Senator from Missouri calls for the Assassination of the President of the United States on a facebook post. MSNBC asks should the far right be met with force plus Dana discovered a new Zebra protein bar...will is be good? White Nationalist Behind Charlottesville Protest Posts with Tearful Video Worrying for His Safety. Plus our society is more interested in letting everyone know they're offended instead of listening to the dialog. Following and updating the latest on the Barcelona Terror attack plus Steve Bannon says he gave an interview and now recants that he didnt know his conversation was off the record. Top 5 today your favorite snack cakes. Dana discusses how ANTIFA has a violent record. Trump tweets about pershing and some are asking for him to apologize. Wolf Blitzer ask if the attack in Barcelona is it a copycat to Charlottesville plus listener JEFF CLINGERMAN is upset at Dana and the TOP 5.

  • Wednesday August 16 - Full Show

    Today Dana is furious that she has to correct the media on using the landing on Normandy as part of the Alt Right and it's gross and disgusting how some in the media are using that to stir social media. Also why is everyone freaking out about confederate names on schools. Where does it stop, can we all talk without getting out of control about our history.  Also today is the observance of the death of Elvis Presley.Plus some news outlets declare Trump a Nazi sympathizer. Student got attacked by ANTIFA at a Charlottesville vigil for having a YOUNG AMERICA hat. HBO leaked a new episode of GOT.Caller says how can both sides in Charlottesville be compared as the same thats not correct Dana explains the similarities. And incredible but true a Tiki torch company felt the need to tweet a statement saying they cannot control how people use their product but they in no shape or form are associated with the events occurred in Charlottesville. Bonus story of Dana's dog goes to war with a possum and we close out with Dana’s TOP 5 for today which is about YOUR BEST TOP 5 Bands

  • Tuesday August 15 - Full Show

    On today's show we hear from the Black Lives Matter Black Founder She Claims Hate Speech Isn't Protected by First Amendment. Plus Dana discusses about what was the point of the Durham's Confederate Statue being knocked Down. Also Dana is wondering why are Schools not gonna let students go out to look at the eclipse. An Optometrist clears up why you should not look directly into the eclipse and the N.A.S.A. special UV Glasses. We here from Newt Gingrich -The Anti Trump Left Will Never Be Satisfied as Long as He Is President. Mayor of Charlottesville doesn't want to address he gave order to stand down and not make arrest rather say Trump is at fault. Krauthammer - Trumps Fire and Fury There Is a Place for that Kind of Massive Overkill Threat. In Iceland CBS reports that down syndrome is almost non-existent due to a cure but its actually due to abortions and Dr Glenn talks about the percentage in error on the down syndrome test in Iceland. Today's Dana’s TOP 5 is about cookies

  • Monday August 14 - Full Show

    Statement of President Trump denouncing the KKK, white supremacist and how the Alt Right is wrong. Police officer denied to attend his medical appointment due to he was carrying his gun even though he was in complete uniform. Dana explains what is the Alt Right. It is not a conservative movement. ANTIFA, Black Lives Matters all are equal to Alt Right in violence beliefs. 2 years ago Dana crashed a KKK rally and explains how ridiculous the event was.

    Guest: Dinesh D'Souza Author N.Y. Times Bestseller “The Big Lie”

    Guest: Steven Yates - On why does North Korea feel so empowered?   

    Dana also talks about Singer LORDE tweet saying white people are to blame for everything also discussing all shades of pigment for all races. Internet Trolls blame Dodge of being racist because they haven't tweeted a statement on regards of the man who slammed a Dodge Charger into the crowd on counter protesters in Charlottesville.

  • Friday August 11 - Full Show

    Congresswoman Kathleen Rice said that Dana and the NR is a threat to the country.

    Dana also recaps on the the word Fisk since the NY Times lied about her article. Dana fact checks the media as she is considered a domestic threat. Dana tweets about the wild pack of coyotes in her area killed neighbor dog. Kids in college running for government positions. Caller comments on how Facebook banned him for supporting Trump during the elections. Trump comments that ‘Fire and Fury’ wasn’t tough enough. Media Matters gets CNN Jeffrey Lord fired. Guest on today's show YouTube stars, Diamond & Silk join us on Facebook live feed and we end the week with the Mail bag of hate.

  • Thursday August 10 - Full Show

    Obama administration apparently knew that North Korea had the ability to make a miniaturized nuclear weapon. The Washington Examiner wrote a story about Dana and never reached out to her for comment. Unrelated parties are chiming in on Trump’s comments on North Korea. Disney is facing a lawsuit for spying on children. In 10 years, everyone will be chipped. We do more “Progressive Talk” on what “deported” means. We go live to the State Department press briefing. Dana recaps the Trump press conference. Dana discusses Wendy Sherman and her Iranian Nuclear Policy.

  • Wednesday August 9 - Full Show

    North Korea threatens to strike Guam. Dana goes into history to find the root of this problem. More about the history of the growth of a nuclear North Korea. Dana takes a caller about a preemptive strike. CNN described the story about the Google employee getting fired completely wrong. A terrorist attack occurred at a Paris army base. Dana remembers Glen Campbell. We go live to the State Department press conference about North Korea. The State Department is “speaking with one voice” with North Korea, but the media doesn’t think so. We have more Progressive Talk to explain the RAISE Act. There’s a protest at the White House with a giant inflatable chicken with Trump hair. Twin Peaks star Ashley Judd freaks out when someone calls her “sweetheart”.

  • Tuesday August 8 - Full Show

    After Trump’s first 200 days, many polls reveal approval ratings because Congress hasn’t gotten anything done. North Korea has a warhead that could fit inside a missile. An Australian cafe charges men an 18% tax because of the pay gap. Google fired an employee because he pointed out the company’s bias. Dana outlines the cultural Fascist movement going on right now. A baker refused to make a pro-Trump birthday cake and Dana has a metal song about it. Bill de Blasio likes to take naps. We have another episode of “Progressive Talk” where we explain North Korea. The press has interesting headlines for a Google firing. A Florida man breaks into a house for sesame seeds. Media Matters says they need to attack anything that “normalizes” Trump. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld joins us to talk the firing of Google employee.

  • Monday August 7 - Full Show

    Obama AG Loretta Lynch used an alias to share classified information with the press. The New York Times editorial staff changed Dana’s words in an NRA ad to make it sound inappropriate. The New York Times has a history of false reporting. Dana and a caller have a productive discussion on media bias. Dana shares a piece about the New York Times before and after the 2016 election. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss sanctions on North Korea and the recent threat of leaks. We check in on Florida man and also East Texas man. Dana reiterates what her NRA ad actually says vs what the media is saying.There’s a website that rates movies on their “wokeness”. Dana introduces a new segment called “Progressive Talk” where she dumbs things down so Progressives understand. A veteran in Syracuse was rendered of his firearms.

  • Friday August 4 - Full Show

    A leak came out about Robert Mueller assembling a grand jury to investigate Russian collusion. The governor of West Virginia switched parties last night. The Democrats are going through a severe identity crisis, and Bernie Sanders is the current leader. Dana pulled a muscle in her back. Robert Mueller grand jury needs to be careful when investigating Russia. The left thinks investigating Debbi Wasserman-Schultz’ IT staffers is racist because they’re Pakistani. Sheriff Bill E. Waybourn from Texas joins us to talk ICE agreement with other counties. Dana discusses blue-collar Democrats and looking for an answer. Missouri has a new Right to Work law. The Women's March attacked an op/ed piece. Dana dives into the Mailbag of Hate

  • Thursday August 3 - Full Show

    A feud arises between Trump aide Stephen Miller and Jim Acosta in the White House press briefing room over the RAISE Act. Apparently the Statue of Liberty is “white supremacist". Jim Acosta is still upset over RAISE Act. Dana explains the qualifications for entering Ellis Island at the turn of the century. Former Obama administrators use classified info to undermine the Trump campaign. Someone leaked Trump’s conversations with Australia and Mexico. David French from the National Review joins us to talk Sessions’ new affirmative action case.and the RAISE Act. H.R. McMaster renewed Susan Rice’s access to classified info. Woman sentenced to 2.5 years for involuntary manslaughter for texting her boyfriend to commit suicide. Alabama Congressman Bradley Byrne joins us to talk failed healthcare repeal, Debbi Wasserman-Schultz IT staffer scandal, and the RAISE Act. SMU is removing its 9/11 memorial.

  • Wednesday August 2 - Full Show

    Trump unveils merit-based legislation limiting legal immigration. Writer thinks people who aren’t from New York don’t put butter on rolls. Rex Tillerson’s statement on North Korea contradict the President. Republican Jeff Flake wrote a book talking about retreating from Trump. Dana thinks the White House needs to improve their communication strategy and explains why Trump’s approval rating is low. Feminists were mad over Dunkirk. Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs joins us to talk failure of Obamacare repeal and Trump’s new immigration policy. A fist fight erupted in an Orlando mall over free lipstick. More on Debbi Wasserman-Schultz’ DNC IT scandal. Black Lives Matter has a high unfavorable poll. Linda Sarsour wants to help rewrite the 2020 census. Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis joins us to discuss his call for Debbi Wasserman Schultz to testify on her IT employees fleeing to Pakistan and healthcare debate. The NAACP issued a travel advisory due to racism.

  • Tuesday August 1 - Full Show

    Trump dictated Donald Jr’s misleading claims on Russian meeting. A prankster emailed Anthony Scaramucci trying to threaten him. An Oregon family’s children were taken by the State because it doesn’t believe the family is smart enough. The Democrats are trying to rebrand with no leader and using identity politics to solidify their voters. Kane has been binge watching Game of Thrones to catch up to Dana. A Florida man tries to bomb a McDonald's bathroom. The story about the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich has peculiar holes in it. An op/ed piece claims that Trump’s use of “paddywagon” offends the writer of the piece. J.K. Rowling claimed that Trump ignored a boy in a wheelchair by watching an edited video.

  • Monday July 31 - Full Show

    The President urges Congress to keep working on healthcare when there’s no end in sight. Putin kicks out 755 US ambassadors in Russia. Dana has to use royalty-free music on her podcasts. Joy Reid thinks “paddywagon” is offensive to Irish people. Sean Spicer is looking at Dancing With The Stars. Chris Christie argues with another fan at a baseball game. Democrats are willing to fund candidates that oppose abortion rights. The media thinks Trump is encouraging police brutality. Panda Express gets rid of bourbon chicken and Dana is not pleased. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss China and North Korea enabling military power. A Florida woman brought her child to a robbery. Anthony Scaramucci resigns from White House Communications Director after 10 days. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins us to talk the resignation of Anthony Scaramucci and Debbi Wasserman Schultz’s IT directors fleeing to Pakistan.

  • Friday July 28 - Full Show

    The “skinny repeal” of Obamacare failed in the Senate. North Korea fires a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. A terrorist stabbed people in Hamburg. Anthony Scaramucci uses vulgar language about Steve Bannon in an interview with The New Yorker. We join a live Trump speech on gang violence in Long Island. North Carolina Congressman Richard Hudson joins us to talk failed repeal of Obamacare. Media Matters misquotes Dana. Democrat Chris Murphy tweeted something about big government that doesn’t makes sense. Starbucks is closing down its Teavana subsidy. Dana opens her Mailbag of Hate, and a New York Times article said that White women walk “racist”.

  • Thursday July 27 - Full Show

    The GOP doesn’t have the votes to repeal Obamacare after 7 years. The Senate tries a “skinny repeal”. Hillary’s new book is entitled “What Happened”. Pakistani felons have been dealing with the DNC IT for a years. Dana likes Nine Inch Nails but doesn’t necessarily agree with them. Rex Tillerson says he's not going anywhere. New York City wants people to get licenses to walk other people’s dogs. CNN publishes article quoting “Islamaphobia” wrong, written by a Muslin. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us to talk “skinny repeal”, and free speech cases on college campuses. Trump won’t address Sessions directly regarding the recusal. Trump awards the first responders of the Congressional baseball shooting. Iraqi vet and UFC Middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy joins us to talk military transgender ban.

  • Wednesday July 26 - Full Show

    Trump tweets the announcement of no transgenders in the US Military. Caller tells a peculiar transgender Federal worker situation. A Marine vet shares a thread on his mental experience in Iraq. Trump is trying to push Sessions out. But why? We go to a live White House press briefing amid the transgender ruling. Critics and supporters of transgenders in the military speak out about their opinions. Trump speaks live at the Rose Garden to American Legion boys and girls. Iraq veteran JR Salzman joins us to talk the new transgender rule. Debbi Wasserman-Schultz had 3 IT people who had connections in the Middle East who are now fleeing the country.

  • Tuesday July 25 - Full Show

    Mixed messages in Washington on what to do with Jeff Sessions. John McCain is flying back to the Senate after brain surgery to vote on proceeding to debate health care. The Left thinks the Boy Scouts should lose their tax exempt status for cheering on Trump. A Kansas woman tried to kill a bug by lighting it on fire. Missouri Republican for Senate Austin Peterson joins us to talk Senate run. Florida man gets naked when he gets happy. Senate votes to proceed on health care with McCain’s return, and we go to a live Trump press conference.

  • Monday July 24 - Full Show

    Charlie Gard’s parents are giving up their legal fight to help their son. Effects of socialized healthcare reflect single-payer. The “slut walk” is only for “anti-Semitic sluts”. Anthony Scaramucci has some questionable tweets that he has deleted. Someone sets up a live stream of Sean Spicer’s home. A man builds stairs at his house for $500 and Toronto told community to take them down because they could do it better. Jared Kushner makes statement about Russian collusion. Dana reviews episode 2 of Game of Thrones and how it compares to modern day. Dana still isn’t pleased with Jeff Sessions. Michael Phelps raced a virtual shark. Japan comes up with “hamburger straws” Snooty the manatee gets a birthday party then dies. Dana can’t deal with Dr. Pepper. Tropical Storm Don and Hurricane Hilary are both occurring at the same time. This and much more!

  • Friday July 21 - Full Show

    Sean Spicer out as White House Press Secretary, Anthony Scaramucci gets hired as Communications Director and Steve Bannon is not happy. Dana tries to speak Swedish. New Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci does not support gun rights. Deray McKesson got paid $165,000 to be a Human Capital Officer of Baltimore Public Schools to fire people. We listen to the live press conference audio with Anthony Scaramucci. Debbi Wasserman-Schultz hired questionable people to handle IT in the DNC and paid them six figures. Progressives in New York would rather the government pay for transgender surgeries than military equipment. Dana dives into the Mailbag of Hate. That and much more!

  • Thursday July 20 - Full Show

    A New York Times interview with Trump released that Trump wouldn’t have chosen Sessions as AG. Sessions still wants the job. OJ Simpson has his parole hearing. The media complains about the money being spent to protect Trump Tower. Nancy Pelosi is not happy with the 10-year budget. Tim Gill wants to target Christians to “punish the wicked”. Dana’s obsessed with a Joe Esposito song. Chick-fil-a introduces new family style entrees and Dana wants to eat the whole thing. Glave’s patent isn’t getting approved. Florida man shoots tires of utility vehicle. The Juice is loose! OJ gets parole granted. Singer of Linkin Park commits suicide. Chris Christie catches a foul ball and gets booed. Plus, Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell joins us to talk healthcare, budget & more.

  • Wednesday July 19 - Full Show

    Healthcare has become a game of pointing fingers. Congress is on pace to be the least productive Congress since Millard Fillmore. New Civil Asset Forfeiture rule is bad news. Apple releases emoji with a woman with hijab. Trump & Putin apparently met for a 2nd time privately at G20 even though they sat 7 seats apart, OJ Simpson faces parole because he was touching himself. Linda Sarsour called Jake Tapper “alt-right” because he condemned her. The Dyke March isn’t allowing "all lesbians" Why the “Cruz amendment’ got left out of healthcare, and Minneapolis police officer fatally shoots woman because he hears loud noises. That and much more!

  • Tuesday July 18 - Full Show

    The Senate Healthcare bill collapses and the GOP is not happy, Dana shows her thoughts on what to do next. A viking diet is the best way to fight dementia. The US hits Iran with sanctions by not being compliant with nuclear deal. The final person in Donald Trump Jr's Russian meeting identified. The Republicans respond to their failed Obamacare repeal. Plus, a Florida man gets his privates stuck in a swimming pool. There's backlash against the NRA’s new ad against the Washington Post. Also, Congressman Trent Franks from Arizona joins us to talk last chance for Obamacare repeal.

  • Monday July 17 - Full Show

    Healthcare bill is still a mess and Republicans may not ever fix it. "AntiFa" protester calls a horse a “racist-Trump supporter”. Army allows transgender soldiers to shower together. The Russian meddling claims are getting redundant. Stephen Yates joins us to talk Syrian ceasefire and Trump Jr. meeting. R. Kelly is kidnapping women. Women’s March praises a woman convicted of murdering a cop. Dana nerds out on new Game of Thrones season, and Army vet fired from Home Depot trying to stop thieves.

  • Friday July 14 - Full Show

    Dana introduces her National Protest Day episode. People participating int the NRA to Department Of Justice march have protection with guns at the rally. Dana updates the Kate Steinle case. Jenn Jacques from Bearing Arms joins us to talk gun safety. We check back in on Florida Man. Protesters calling in live from the march! Also, Ted Nugent joins us to talk current state of politics, left wing violence, the Exodus project, and his current tour. That and much more!

  • Thursday July 13 - Full Show

    New Senate health care draft released. Teen Vogue writer bashes her own sons by saying all men are threatening. Dana’s announcement for her show tomorrow in response to the nationwide protest against her and the NRA. Kid Rock announces his Senate run. John Lott joins us to talk about myths about firearms and women, a Florida man found cocaine inside Cookie Monster. Joan Walsh from MSNBC attacked Ivanka Trump for wearing pink. That and much more!

  • Wednesday July 12 - Full Show

    Dana shares a story and defines treason correctly. Did Donald Trump Jr actually commit a crime? Deray Mckesson thinks the new Planet of the Apes movie is racist. Cosmopolitan says you shouldn’t celebrate your baby’s gender. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins to talk about Trump Jr’s emails and the health care bill. Dana explains what “cousin first removed” means. Linda Sarsour went on a tweet storm, a clown beat someone up for not giving him money, and a New York Times writer took a friend to get sandwiches, but the friend was too “stupid”. Also, US Attorney Andy McCarthy joins us to discuss whether Trump Jr’s actions are criminal & Linda Sarsour’s comments about Jihad.

  • Tuesday July 11 - Full Show

    Donald Trump Jr.’s email’s with Russian ambassadors gets released, Dana summarizes. Has Linda Sarsour committed sedition? Chris Christie tries his sports radio career, and it doesn't go well. Florida man get his leg bitten off by a shark. Plus the Democrats think everything is treason is now. Also, a Day in Stupidity!

  • Monday June 10 - Full Show

    Congress is back in session, and nothing has changed. A Chicago man sold guns to murder cops. Dana asks Women’s March to denounce Linda Sarsour. Dana went to go see the new Spiderman. The Washington Post ties Illinois radio host to Alexandra shooting in their story. Stephen Yates joins to talk about Trump’s G20 visit. Columnist Bill Clark tries to compare himself to minorities because he got pulled over one time. Lena Dunham may have done something weird to her dog? Canadian journalist Brian Lilley joins us to talk how the Canadian government gave money to terrorist organizations

  • Friday July 7 - Full Show

    Dana praises Trump’s comments in Poland on energy, and criticizes a misunderstood gif. She is also not a fan of Tobey McGuire as Spiderman. A women walked into Congress with her shoulders exposed, and people are outraged. Michigan Representative Jack Bergman joins us to talk Kate’s Law and Trump’s European visit. Dana defends herself from Linda Sarsour and Women’s March's Jihadist rhetoric. Plus, who said it: David Duke or feminist writer? And more Mailbag of Hate!

  • Thursday July 6 - Full Show

    Dana updates on Trump in Europe before the G20 Summit. More on New York City cop assassination. Plus, a violent Anti-Capitalist riot erupts in Hamburg before G20 Summit. The Women's March organizer calls for Jihad against Trump. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe can’t pinpoint a leader of the Democratic Party. Are womb transplants a thing? Also we revisit a Day in stupidity. That and much more!

  • Wednesday July 5 - Full Show

    Dana discusses the overreaction of Trump’s GIF tweet. CNN misquotes Abraham Lincoln & Ben Franklin. The witch hunt for Reddit user HanA**Solo is wrong. An NYC police officer assassinated for no reason, Chris Christie sits on a closed beach. Dana, Kane & Steve place bets on the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. Multiple Florida men blowing their hands off. Paul Ryan’s opponent wants to raise 32 Trillion in taxes, Nikki Haley makes a statement about North Korea at the UN. Howard Dean makes an incorrect generalization, and Stephen Yates joins to talk North Korea & G20

  • Friday June 30 - Full Show

    More hate on Dana’s NRA ad. Dana thinks Trump need to go about his tweeting a different way. Plus, Dana comments on Charlie Gard and Right to Life. Also, Dana cites many examples of Leftist violence. In addition, Dana touches on “Kate’s Law” and the Jamile Shaw story, plus a Florida man has butt graffiti? Finally, Dana take callers and reads off her Mailbag of Hate, and flashes back to the 80’s show “Dynasty”. That and much more!

  • Thursday June 29 - Full Show

    Dana responds to her NRA ad that went viral and defends intention of it. A hater leaves a ridiculous voicemail, plus another Florida man does something pretty disgusting. Trump’s travel ban officially goes into effect. NC Rep Richard Hudson joins in to talk about national reciprocity and Dana cites article that actually tells the truth about her.

  • Wednesday June 28 - Full Show

    Dana dive into the President’s influence on the delay in the Senate healthcare bill, also what Dana likes and doesn’t like about it. A Washington Post article on children exposed to guns picks up steam, and fecal matter found in Starbucks drinks? Dana touches on Philando Castille verdict, plus a Florida pees on shopping carts. Mark Zuckerberg goes on a “listening tour” for a possible political run? Plus, a callerargues Dana’s NRA ad. Representative Debbie Dingell calls out her own party, & Zoey Tur attacks her daughter on social media. That and much more!

  • Tuesday June 27 - Full Show

    Dana’s back from vacation and wraps up the health care craziness with a California woman who threatens to go to Planned Parenthood in Mexico. Dana summarizes SCOTUS decisions of the Travel Ban reinstatement and the Peruta v California decision on right to protect. Dana notices something interesting at Turks and Caicos on their immigration laws. Plus, Mitch McConnell’s response on vote delay. The UN Women releases toolkit to help narrow gender gap for procurement professionals and more Twin Peaks obsession. Also, John McEnroe makes comments about Serena Williams. That and much more!

  • Monday June 26 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in one last time. Part of Trump’s travel ban reinstated, what parts are still in effect?Callers weigh in on current state of immigration, religious freedom and the effects of the reinstated Travel Ban. Stephen Yates joins on to talk reinstated Travel Ban. Plus, a Florida Man who tries to take a selfie with a gator. Finally, the GOP can’t seem to get the Senate Health Care Bill right, and the Democratic party is imploding and can't help. That and much more!

  • Friday, June 23 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana and discusses Johnny Depp making an assassination comment about President, and callers weigh in on Freedom of Speech or threat from Johnny Depp. Nate touches on the shooting of Philando Castille by a police officer and is the shooting justified? Plus, callers on whether Castille shooting was justified. Also, a Day in Stupidity of a man who asked to go to jail for no reason.

  • Thursday, June 22 - Full Show

    Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Senate GOP Health Care Bill released, and Nate Shelman comments. More on the effects of the new Health Care law and we talk comments and callers on Health Care. A Florida man steals a stethoscope, plus there's GOP Senators who oppose the Senate GOP Health Care bill; and a Day In Stupidity with a Philly woman who’s yoga pants caught fire

  • Wednesday, June 21 - Full Show

    Erick Erickson fills in for Dana and talks about his reactions to GA-6 Election results and what may have catalyzed this. The Uber CEO is gone and Erick comments on big businesses like his. How should the US handle the North Korean regime? Also, less and less evidence of any Russian collusion and a Florida (wo)man involves a sex slave hit man. There's an update on the terrorism is Flint. What's the status on new health care bill, and what Erick doesn’t like? The EU’s project on finding alien life causes a stir. What is the future of this country’s political affiliation, and its root of feminism/leftism hate. That and more!

  • Tuesday, June 20 - Full Show

    Mark Kaye is back in talking the reactions to death of Otto Warmbier and future North Korean vacations. Mark chats with Condace Pressley, reporter from Atlanta about GA6 Runoff Election. Callers weigh in on an American retaliation to North Korea and should China play a part? We check in on Florida Man and talk Sean Spicer’s new White House position and who replaces him. Breaking new in Brussels plus the Day In Stupidity with the Washington Post!

  • Monday, June 19 - Full Show

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana once again and touches on the lack of evidence in the ongoing Trump investigation. Mo Brooks’ introduces legislation allowing Congressmen to carry a firearm. A girl in Massachusetts is charged with manslaughter for texting someone? Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones have a ratings failure, and Madonna wishes herself a Happy Father’s Day? That and more!

  • Friday, June 16 - Full Show

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana and discusses Dana's good choice of words for the brave Capitol Police. Is it almost Civil War II? Also, he predicts the ratings for Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones on Sunday, and asks "Do you bring your gun to church?" That and so much more!

  • Thursday, June 15 - Full Show

    Dana expresses her opinion on the continuation on Leftist rhetoric and clarifies what “assault rifles” are. Also, Dana rebuts a New York Times article comparing Steve Scalise to Gabby Giffords. She also describes the best raccoon story she has ever heard and also has a flashback to 7th grade. A Florida woman gets charged with coin-throwing? Dana comments on the Robert Meuller claim of Obstruction of Justice and she tries to figure out what Generation Z is. Finally, she dives into the Day in Stupidity

  • Wednesday, June 14 - Full Show

    Dana summarizes and adds her comments on attack in Alexandria. Also, she refutes Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s comments on gun show “loopholes”. Dana is not afraid to dive in and defend right to possess when a situation like this occurs and gives a brief history lesson on right to possess.

  • Tuesday, June 13 - Full Show

    Dana gives her preview for the Jeff Sessions testimony, a Philadelphia gay pride flag that added black & brown to its rainbow, Dana agrees with Megyn Kelly on interview with Alex Jones, Colin Firth’s wife’s “culturally appropriated" headdress at Isle of Wight Festival, and live audio from AG Sessions testimony!

  • Monday, June 12 - Full Show

    Dana dives in to her thoughts on the anniversary of Orlando shooting as well as reaction to the appeals court against "travel moratorium" How intimate is a Bromance? Stephen Yates joins us live. Recap of the liberal Tony Awards with NYC theatre company recreating Julius Caesar’s death. A Japanese restaurant that employs people with dementia, and Sheriff Wayne Ivey from FL discusses right to protect.

  • Friday, June 9 - Full Show

    Dana talks British Election results, Kylie Jenner's controversial "cultural appropriation", more Comey testimony reaction and Pam Bondi joins us live. Dana has a Twin Peaks obsession, Al Franken’s defense of Bill Maher, and we dip into the Mailbag of Hate!

  • Thursday, June 8 - Full Show

    Dana reacts to Comey testimony and live coverage. Michigan passes a concealed carry law, Dana comments on a horrific female mutilation story, and predicts the results of the British Election (In a British accent)!

  • Wednesday, June 7 - Full Show

    Predictions on Comey's testimony and discussion of his prepared statements, Reality Leigh Star’s “innocence” because she is afraid, Canadian provinces gender identity law, Dana joins #TeamCourtneyLove and Ronna Romney McDaniel joins us live.

  • Tuesday, June 6 - Full Show

    Reality Winner is arrested for leaking classified information to the press. Dana discusses the attempted attack on Notre-Dame. A transgender track star is winning races but is it fair? Glave the intern makes an announcement. Melissa Francis joins Dana to discuss her book, "Lessons From The Prairie." These stories and much more.

  • Monday, June 5 - Full Show

    Guess who is blaming Ben Sasse for Bill Maher using the n-word? Orlando mass shooting raises gun control questions in the media. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss responses to the London terror attack. Dana's review of Wonder Woman movie. This and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show.

  • Friday, June 2 - Full Show

    The Paris pullout, Kathy Griffin, the so-called travel ban, Mailbag Of Hate and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show.

  • Thursday, June 1 - Full Show

    Dana takes aim at Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar, the Paris deal and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show. Also, Doug Brunt joins Dana to discuss his book, "Trophy Son."

  • Wednesday, May 31 - Full Show

    Kathy Griffin apologizes; awaiting POTUS on the Paris climate deal; bathrooms and courtrooms; free speech in Portland; these stories and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show.

  • Tuesday, May 30 - Full Show

    White House shakeup, women in the military, Stephen Yates, a death threat in Congress, a "Fearless Girl," and more in today's podcast of The Dana Show.

  • Friday, May 26 - Full Show

    Gianforte's apology and the media's culpability. Disturbing audio recordings of doctors discussing abortions. A pregnant girl is banned from school. These stories and much more on the Friday edition of The Dana Show.

  • Thursday, May 25 - Full Show

    POTUS in Europe, the latest in the Manchester terrorism investigation, the CBO scores the amended AHCA and a debate about the virtues of body slamming pesky reporters. These stories and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

  • Wednesday, May 24 - Full Show

    What is a watch list for? The latest on the Manchester loser. POTUS meets the Pope. Dana picks a bone with Piers Morgan. Dana questions a case of cultural appropriation. These stories and more today on The Dana Show.

  • Tuesday, May 23 - Full Show

    The Manchester attack and media coverage. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss POTUS in the Middle East. Also, Monica Lewinski is back in the news. This and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show.

  • Monday, May 22 - Full Show

    The media reaction to POTUS in Saudi Arabia. Students walk out of VP Pence graduation speech. Democratic leaders fear the focus on impeachment is hurting the party's reputation. A study of 40 journalists reveals that they drink too much and have brain problems.

  • Friday, May 19 - Full Show

    Dana discusses media bias regarding the James Comey memo and reports from the NYT that POTUS reassured the Russian Ambassador that his firing of James Comey would take the pressure off of the FBI investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.

  • Thursday, May 18 - Full Show

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller to be special prosecutor to oversee the Justice Department’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election and related issues. Rand Paul wants to know if the Obama administration spied on him during his 2016 presidential campaign. These stories and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

  • Wednesday, May 17 - Full Show

    The James Comey memo fuels impeachment talk. But who is doing the leaking? Will there be a special prosecutor: Dana's prediction. Also, POTUS to visit Saudi Arabia: rumors he will make the largest arms deal in history; and have you heard about the Arab NATO? This and more in today's show.

  • Tuesday, May 16 - Full Show

    H.R. McMaster defends his statement about POTUS (not) giving classified intelligence with Russia. Miss USA clarifies her statements regarding healthcare and feminism. The latest in the Seth Rich murder mystery. Dana discusses these and other stories in this episode of The Dana Show.

  • Monday, May 15 - Full Show

    North Korea launches its most successful missile to date. Does anyone outside the Beltway care about the James Comey story? Is healthcare a right or a privilege? The problem with feminism and feminists. Dana defends the daily press briefing. A caller challenges Dana on the Hyde Amendment. This and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

  • Friday, May 12 - Full Show

    Don't miss Dana's crazy surprise for Marty on his last day on the show! Dana also hits the hard news topics as she dissects Trump's latest tweets on his firing of James Comey. Don't miss Dana call out the people who are against America being involved in any kind of foreign activity. You also won't want to miss this story on Christian's being under attack once more. Dana also has another great edition of Mailbag of Hate!

  • Thursday, May 11 - Full Show

    Dana has all the latest news regarding James Comey being fired and you don't want to miss her debunk the media's fake narrative surrounding it! Find out why Dana believes the media is pushing the false narrative that Trump is under investigation when he isn't at all. You also don't want to miss Dana hilariously but informative explain why this all comes back to Hillary Clinton. Dana also has multiple Florida Man stories today that will have your jaw on the floor!

  • Wednesday, May 10 - Full Show

    Don't miss Dana's reaction to the James Comey firing as Dana is all over the biggest news story of the day! Find out what Dana thinks about the firing and what questions she has about it. You also won't want to miss Dana mock the Democrats for being up in arms over the move after calling for Comey's head after Clinton lost! Dana also has some great Florida Man stories and much more!

  • Tuesday, May 9 - Full Show

    Don't miss Dana's reaction to the latest big news stories as she recaps the Clapper and Yates testimonies from yesterday. Dana calls out the Democrats for their lack of proof that Russia effected the election! Dana celebrates Greg Abbott signing a law to ban sanctuary cities, and ponders what laws she would like to not follow like the left doesn't follow illegal immigration laws. You also won't want to miss Dana hilariously introduce a new intern to the show!

  • Monday, May 8 - Full Show

    Don't miss as Dana reacts to the French Election results and shuts down the people on the left who think this is some kind of victory for them. The FCC investigating Stephen Colbert after his crude remarks about Trump? Find out what Dana has to say about this as it just might surprise you! Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the French Election results and what it means for politics in Europe moving forward. Dana also discusses the latest with the Maryland rape case involving a 14 year old girl.

  • Friday, May 5th - Full Show

    Dana reacts to the healthcare bill passing the House yesterday and discusses where the healthcare system is now going. You will not believe who the Washington Post is interviewing for an anti-gun story and you don't want to miss Dana crush it! Dana celebrates the repeal of Dodd Frank which she calls "Obamacare for Banks!" You don't want to miss another edition of Mailbag of Hate and Florida Man either!

  • Thursday, May 4 - Full Show

    You don't want to miss Dana's LIVE reaction as the healthcare bill gets passed in the House as she's on air! Dana breaks it down for you explains why this is just another version of Obamacare. Dana discusses Trump signing an Executive Order on Religious Freedom. You won't believe this story on what the famous Dr. Phil "Cash Me Outside" girl is doing now! Also, Dana has a couple of great Florida Man stories as well as Today in Stupidity!

  • Wednesday, May 3 - Full Show

    Don't miss Dana tell you why Speaker Ryan is wrong to call the spending bill a "win for Conservatives." Also, find out why Dana says the Republicans are still funding Obama's agenda! You don't want to miss Dana go in on Comey's testimony today and his refusal to press charges on this close Clinton aide! Dana also has the latest on what is going on with the healthcare bill.

  • Tuesday, May 2 - Full Show

    Dana reviews all the things Republicans have won since the election. She also introduces the audience to her new pet who visits in the studio.

  • Monday, May 1 - Full Show

    Dana returns from her trip to Atlanta for the NRA Convention has some great stories from that including a run in with the "Moms Demand" group! Dana also discusses Trump's first 100 days now that it is officially in the book. You don't want to miss Dana give a closer look at the budget that was passed as she gives her honest opinion on it! Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates also joins the show to discuss the latest in the ongoing situation with North Korea.

  • Friday, April 28 - Full Show

    Erick Erickson fills in for Dana. Erick goes over the latest economy report and explains why any Trump criticism based on it is totally unfair. Hear Erick's take on ESPN's issues as they lay off over 100 people. You don't want to miss Erick slam the left for the way they are politicizing everything. Also, tune in to hear what grade Erick gives Trump for his first 100 days in office!

  • Thursday, April 27 - Full Show

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony tackles the topic of free speech and how that no longer exists with the left in midst of Berkeley not allowing Ann Coulter to speak. Don't miss Tony hilariously mock the latest Bill Nye video. Tony discusses the future of Obamacare and the rift between moderate Republicans and the Tea Party group in getting healthcare done. Find out what Tony thinks of Trump's first 100 days! Don't miss Tony examine Trump's tax cuts as well!

  • Wednesday, April 26 - Full Show

    You don't want to miss Dana give you the backstory in the judge who ruled against Trump's Sanctuary City Funding Executive Order, and find out why Dana believes Trump is still going to win this one. Don't miss Dana discuss the important topic of healthcare and its' future. Dana comments on Trump's tax plan and you don't want to miss what she thinks of it! Also, you have to hear this hilarious segment as Dana mocks the latest Bill Nye video that is about ice cream and sexuality!? You won't believe your ears!

  • Tuesday, April 25 - Full Show

    Dana examines the current situation in North Korea and explains why they aren't an equal power to the United States. Also, Dana hilariously tells you what would be of better use of the current space where the U.N. is. You might be surprised to hear what Dana says about the possible government shutdown! Dana also gives you the answers you've been wanting regarding the music on the show and podcast so don't miss this!

  • Monday, April 24 - Full Show

    Dana explains why she doesn't believe there will be a government shutdown coming. Dana examines the end of "Pro-Life" Democrats in the party. You don't want to miss Dana's take on the French elections and what they are showing, and Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss what the results in France are showing. You can't miss Dana's take on the Ann Coulter situation in Berkeley as well! As usual Dana has Florida Man, Today in Stupidity, and much more!

  • Friday, April 21 - Full Show

    Dana talks about the ridiculous made up controversy on the left because Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin took a picture in front of a Clinton portrait in the White House. Ted Nugent himself joins the show to discuss this and his visit to the White House and you won't want to miss hearing about it! Dana also mocks the Democrat party unity tour while also giving you a warning about the future of the party, find out what this warning is! Dana brings back a hilarious edition of Mailbag of Hate for today as well as Florida Man and Today in Stupidity!

  • Thursday, April 20 - Full Show

    Dana discusses Jason Chaffetz not running for reelection. Dana explains why some Republicans better stop fighting with the Tea Party group. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock Chelsea Clinton as well as the Democratic party for being in shambles! Dana tries to comprehend the stupidity behind the controversy of a gun being raffled off in Houston. Also, Dana has some fun mocking Bruce Springsteen after he releases a "Trump Protest" don't want to miss it!

  • Wednesday, April 19 - Full Show

    Dana has all the coverage you need on the important election that took place in Georgia, and the RNC Chair herself Ronna Romney McDaniel joins the show to discuss this election and the disarray of the Democratic party! You don't want to miss Dana eviscerate the media's reaction to the Fresno terror attack. Phelim McAleer also joins the show and you don't want to miss the fundraiser he is running to send Josh Fox to meet with ISIS! Dana also has some hilarious Florida Man stories as well as Today in Stupidity!

  • Tuesday, April 18 - Full Show

    Don't miss a great show from Dana today as she mocks tax day and the government. Dana talks about the big race happening in Georgia and you won't believe this piece of information about the main Democratic candidate! Dana explains why the media is overreacting to Trump congratulating Erdogan on winning more power in the Turkey election. You'll also want to hear Dana hilariously mock former Olympian James Cracknell on his ridiculous obesity comments. Don't miss Dana's touching segment on the children of Robert Godwin the victim of the Facebook Shooting.

  • Monday, April 17 - Full Show

    Dana has all the latest news and her take on the situation developing in North Korea. Find out what Dana thought about Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Korea! Stephen Yates also joins the program to discuss what is happening with the North Korea situation right now. You don't want to miss Dana's segment talking about the awful Facebook Live murder in Cleveland. Dana also gives you her scorching take on judges blocking a plethora of executions in Arkansas and you won't want to miss this!

  • Friday, April 14 - Full Show

    Don't miss Dana examine the U.S. and North Korea tensions and what might happen next! You absolutely have to hear Dana eviscerate Steve Bannon and explain why Trump is close to having had enough of him. Dana tries to figure out some of the progressive left's reactions to ISIS fighters dying in the latest bomb drop. "Former" Green Beret Jeff Houston joins Dana to discuss the bomb being dropped in Afghanistan and the current administrations actions in the Middle East, you won't want to miss this excellent interview!

  • Thursday, April 13 - Full Show

    It's a big news day and Dana covers it all! Dana has all the information and her informed take on the U.S. dropping the "Mother of All Bombs" on ISIS in Afghanistan. Former NAVY Seal Jared Ogden comes on the show to discuss this bombing, what it means, and the situation in Syria you do not want to miss this interview! Dana discusses the Trump and U.S. relations with Russia, and hilariously mocks some of the over the top reactions to Trump's latest actions. State Rep Nick Schroer also joins the show to discuss an upcoming bill in Missouri that would penalize Gun Free zones if an incident were to occur there.

  • Wednesday, April 12 - Full Show

    You won't want to miss these comments by Vladimir Putin about the United States and Dana's reaction to them! Dana gives an update on the latest with the United Airlines situation. Dana talks about what the involvement of the U.S. in the North Korea area is going to be now. Also, don't miss Dana explain what the special election in Kansas means for Republicans and what needs to happen before the one in Georgia takes place!

  • Tuesday, April 11 - Full Show

    Dana looks close at the situation in Syria and what possible U.S. actions may be coming. Don't miss Dana hilariously mock Piers Morgan! Dana also explains why this United controversy is exactly why people hate the media. You won't believe what Sean Spicer said today and Dana's reaction to it! Glenn Jacobs, better known as WWE wrestler Kane, joins the show to discuss a major political announcement that you won't want to miss!

  • Monday, April 10 - Full Show

    Dana takes a look at some of the ridiculous reactions on the left regarding the Syrian missile strike. Dana celebrates the swearing in of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice and talks about the upcoming cases he might impact you don't want to miss that! Dana gives you her take on the United flight controversy. Dana covers the breaking news of a new shooting in San Bernardino. You have to hear Dana have some fun with the "Cash Me Outside Girl" after it is announced she is getting a reality TV show!

  • Friday, April 7 - Full Show

    Dana has all the coverage you need regarding the U.S. missile strike in Syria. You don't want to miss Dana's opinion on the matter as well as what she believes this means with Russia. Dana also talks about the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and why we have Harry Reid to thank for this! Stephen Yates joins the program to discuss everything you need to know about the Syria situation.

  • Thursday, April 6 - Full Show

    Dana covers the news of the day with Republicans going "nuclear" to confirm Neil Gorsuch. Dana lays into the hypocritical Democrats who established this rule not the Republicans! Dana discusses the options with the situation in Syria and you don't want to miss her make her view on military action very clear. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins the program and you won't want to miss this interview as she discusses everything ongoing in Congress regarding this Gorsuch nomination and more!

  • Wednesday, April 5 - Full Show

    You don't want to miss Dana mock Jeff Merkley for his 15 hour Gorsuch protest. Dana explains why all of this is a waste of time for the Dems. Dana discusses to the Syria situation including President Trump's comments today with King Abdullah visiting. You have to hear Dana's reaction to this Pepsi commercial protest! Dana also takes down Susan Rice and her recent comments trying to defend herself.

  • Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 3

    Dana explains why there was no need for Susan Rice to ever unmask anybody. You will be interested to hear Dana's thoughts on a story of a Washington man shooting an intruder showering in his house. What she says just might surprise you!

  • Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 2

    Dana continues to break down the Susan Rice situation and tries to figure out why the media isn't covering it harder. You will not believe what new DNC Chair Tom Perez said about Republicans and you have to hear Dana's response to it!! Dana also delivers some great Florida Man stories for the day!

  • Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 1

    Dana lays the smackdown on Democrats and their ridiculous filibuster on Gorsuch. You'll want to hear Dana prove how hypocritical the Democrats are being right now! Dana has all the latest regarding the Susan Rice leaking scandal.

  • Monday, April 3 - Hour 3

    Dana gives her thoughts on this ridiculous fight over Neil Gorsuch. Dana explains how Trump's meetings with foreign leaders at Mar-A-Lago is nothing new at all for President's.

  • Monday, April 3 - Hour 2

    Hear what Dana has to say in response to Tina Fey calling out white college educated women who voted for Donald Trump. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss the United States situation with North Korea and China, the Russia attacks, and much more.

  • Monday, April 3 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the awful bombing that has happened in Russia and plays a game trying to figure out who might have done this! You don't want to miss Dana rip the Democrats for trying to get block the Neil Gorsuch nomination!

  • Friday, March 31 - Hour 3

    Dana talks about the under reported story of the Russians attempting to hack Marco Rubio's email. Find out why Dana believes the media seems to not be reporting this as hard as they should be. You will not believe what this little girl got in trouble for playing with! You do not want to miss this story and Dana's reaction!

  • Friday, March 31 - Hour 2

    Dana talks about the horrible bridge collapse in Atlanta. Is there more to the story? You do not want to miss Dana talk about the fighting between moderate Republicans and the Freedom Caucus!

  • Friday, March 31 - Hour 1

    Dana doesn't hold back in calling out the Democrats stupidity for possibly filibustering Judge Gorsuch. Dana explains exactly why this would be a huge risk for Democrats. Dana has all the latest coverage on what is going on with Michael Flynn. Dana also shares her opinion on a teen from Alabama not being allowed to bring his grandma to prom with him, you don't want to miss it!

  • Thursday, March 30 - Hour 3

    Do not miss Dana obliterate the social justice warriors criticizing Mike Pence and twisting his comments about women! Dana talks about where the potential funding for the wall is going to be coming from. You'll also want to hear Dana's comments on the current state of the GOP and Tea Party.

  • Thursday, March 30 - Hour 2

    Dana has the latest on the North Carolina bathroom bill and you don't want to miss her reaction to it. You have to hear Dana slam these sanctuary cities who are trying to use the U.S. constitution as a reason to protect illegal immigrants!

  • Thursday, March 30 - Hour 1

    Dana hits back at criticism some have for the Freedom Caucus and reminds the people in Washington that this is the Tea Party and group of people that were voted in during the 2010 primaries. Hear what Dana has to say about Trump's relationship with them.

  • Wednesday, March 29 - Hour 3

    Hear what Dana thinks about the future of healthcare and what can and will be done on Capitol Hill. Dana comments on Dave Chappelle's latest special and the politically correct world we now live in.

  • Wednesday, March 29 - Hour 2

    Dana covers the undercover journalists who uncovered the terrible things happening at Planned Parenthood who are being charged with 15 felonies in California, you don't want to miss Dana explaining why they are not in the wrong here. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss all the latest with the Russia investigations, Brexit, and much more.

  • Wednesday, March 29 - Hour 1

    Hear what Dana has to say about the ridiculous sparring between April Ryan and Sean Spicer! You will not believe how Social Justice Warriors are twisting a Mike Pence quote to make him seem sexist. You can't miss Dana's defense of the Vice President!

  • Tuesday, March 28 - Hour 3

    Dana stands with AG Jeff Sessions after he threatens sanctuary cities that don't begin following federal laws. You have to hear Dana's reaction to the young child aggressively patted down by TSA at an airport.

  • Tuesday, March 28 - Hour 2

    You will not believe what feminists in Australia are complaining about now, and you have to hear Dana's hilarious reaction to them! Dana reacts to the rumors of Planned Parenthood funding and Gun Control expansion possibly being included in order to get Democrats to work with the Republicans. Dana once again crushes Ryancare.

  • Tuesday, March 28 - Hour 1

    You will not believe what Representative Maxine Waters said about patriotism and you Dana's incredible reaction to it! Find out what Dana told Cosmo Magazine after they requested an interview with her to talk about the Alt-Right!

  • Monday, March 27 - Hour 3

    You'll want to hear Dana touch on the awful Rockville MD rape case and explain why it's just another reason while illegal immigration needs to be stopped. Dana has some fun finding the irony in it being "Muslim Women's Day"

  • Monday, March 27 - Hour 2

    You don't want to miss Dana slam Shannon Watts and the Social Justice Warrior outcry over a United passenger being banned for wearing leggings. Dana stresses the important fact of the story people are ignoring! Dana also explains why people calling for Trump to go to the Democrats now to make deals are so very wrong.

  • Monday, March 27 - Hour 1

    Dana recaps the craziness that occurred Friday evening with the healthcare bill being pulled. Find out why Dana is frustrated with the Republicans right now. Dana also explains the reason this bill didn't get strong support.

  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony cannot believe the circus going on at the House today and you have to hear his reaction as the House pulls the bill while he is live on air! Tony discusses what the ramifications are of this and what is to come for the GOP and healthcare.

  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony tries figuring out how the bill supporters are expecting to get the votes they need. Hear why Tony is saying this healthcare bill is everything we don't want.

  • Friday, March 24 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony hilariously talks about the GOp healthcare bill that is scheduled to go to a vote today. Tony tells you why they couldn't have possibly screwed this up any worse if they wanted too. Tony can't believe the GOP is moving forward with the bill despite not having enough votes for it.

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 3

    Don't miss Dana mocking Chuck Schumer and the Democrats for stupidly considering to filibuster the Gorsuch nomination which is happening no matter what. Dana talks about the American victims from London's terror attack. You will not believe what these group of women are planning to send President Trump!

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 2

    You can't miss Dana slam members of the GOP for learning nothing from the Obamacare disaster. Dana jumps into Trump's recent slide in poll numbers and tells you exactly why that is happening! Find out what Dana has to say to the people criticizing Dave Chappelle's latest comedy special for making transgender jokes.

  • Thursday, March 23 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the latest with Nunes and his "incidental" collection of new evidence regarding Trump being surveillanced. Hear what Dana thinks about this latest information. Dana gives a strong plea for conservatives to hold their line on this healthcare bill.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 3

    Do not miss Dana getting a bit silly trying to hilariously figure out a YouTube video about cissexism. Dana dissects the reports regarding Paul Manafort and Russia. Dana wonders why White House security was so slow to respond to the fence jumper.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 2

    Don't miss Dana hilariously discuss whether she would fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck after that question was asked to Gorsuch. Find out why the January Yemen raid is back in the news. Dana has the latest information on the attack in London.

  • Wednesday, March 22 - Hour 1

    Dana has all the great coverage surrounding Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing. Find out how Dana thinks he did on day 1. Dana examines why she believes President Trump's poll numbers are down right now, you don't want to miss what she has to say about it!

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 3

    You will not believe what these doctors got in trouble for as Dana has had just enough of society right now! Dana goes over the happiest and least happiest countries in the world and the list might surprise you. Dana talks further and passionately about the proposed healthcare bill.

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 2

    You do not want to miss Dana hilariously mock an anti-Trump Elmo video that was released. Dana also gives a serious reason why the government doesn't need to be giving money to PBS. Dana covers Rex Tillerson's visit to Asia and the media's unbalanced reporting of it.

  • Tuesday, March 21 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the start of the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Do not miss Dana cover in detail the stance of Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court on guns and your second amendment rights.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 3

    Dana criticizes Paul Ryan and others for using the same arguments to defend their healthcare bill as Obamacare used. Claire Crisp joins Dana and you don't want to miss hearing a first hand account of what a socialized healthcare system really does.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 2

    You don't want to miss Dana have a very serious discussion on pro-life and conservatism. Dana also touches on the interesting topic of the difference between being a Conservative and being a Republican.

  • Monday, March 20 - Hour 1

    Dana tries to figure out why the Democrats are willing to die on this Gorsuch hill when it is a conservative replacing a conservative. Find out why Dana thinks about Trump's comments that he is 100 percent behind the House healthcare bill. You won't believe this story about a 14 year old guy and an 18 year old high school freshman boy...

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony wonders where the liberal feminists are defending Melanie Trump after two different crude things were said about her this week. You have to hear what happened on the Senate floor after Rand Paul walked out on a treaty!

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony continues to breakdown the judges decision regarding the travel ban and why it is absolutely the wrong one. Tony tackles an interesting topic and wonders why Chicago priests are allowing Catholics to eat meat this Friday for St. Patrick's Day even though it is in the middle of lent.

  • Thursday, March 16 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Find out what Trump did that is causing Tony to call it a big mistake. Tony talks about the federal judge putting a halt to Trump's second travel ban. Hear what Tony has to say about the much talked about McDonald's tweet on President Trump!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 3

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony has the latest on ISIS and how he feels we should be viewing them right now. Find out why suddenly citizenship applications in New Zealand have gone through the roof!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 2

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony explains why this Meadow story is not going away and how she misunderstood not just her audience but all of America. Hear what Tony has to say about this GOP healthcare bill!

  • Wednesday, March 15 - Hour 1

    Tony Katz fills in for Dana. Tony goes in on Rachel Meadow after her "bombshell" that turned out to be nothing but a ratings grab. Find out how Amy Schumer's latest comedy special has fared..

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 3

    Dana calls out the media for not showing the negative effects of Obamacare. Dana explains why despite what Paul Ryan is attempting to do this healthcare bill is not bipartisan at all.

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 2

  • Tuesday, March 14 - Hour 1

    Dana breaks down the CBO report and tears it down. Hear Dana explain in her entertaining way why you can't trust the CBO. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock Bernie Sanders for his healthcare bill comments.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 3

    Dana mocks the irony of the Democrats complaining about the GOP healthcare being rushed through after what they did with Obamacare. Dana criticizes Republicans for their approach to this healthcare bill.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 2

    Dana has the latest on the Ferguson video tape that was released. Hear Dana explain why this changes absolutely nothing. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the latest happenings in South Korea as well as other important foreign affairs.

  • Monday, March 13 - Hour 1

    Dana continues conversation on the status of the new healthcare bill. Don't miss Dana hit back at critics attacking Trump for firing US Attorneys even though Obama did the same thing. You have to hear Dana hilariously mock the girl who harassed Sean Spicer at an Apple store!

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 3

    You won't believe this story of the IRS targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups! Dana calls out Planned Parenthood for being exactly what they are...An abortion business! You don't want to miss it!

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 2

    Dana recaps the Women's Day from yesterday and how unproductive it was. You really need to hear Dana hilariously mock a marching feminist group for butchering a female empowerment song. Dana gets serious with these CIA leaks.

  • Thursday, March 9 - Hour 1

    Dana calls out the left and anti-Trump people for their lack of evidence of any Russia connection. Hear Dana examine how there is more evidence with Clinton colluding with Russia than Trump! You have to hear Dana's hilarious take on the kids TV show Caliou!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 3

    Dana further covers and hilariously mocks Women's Day. You won't believe this story of students calling white people who wear hoop earrings racist! Dana also covers a story of a gun store being sued, find out why!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 2

    Dana explains why it is better to get the health care bill done right rather than fast. Hear Dana explain a major sticking point that is the difference between Conservatism and Republicanism. Dana does a hilarious segment on the "Vault 7" Wikileaks!

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Hour 1

    Dana explains why there needs to be a separate repeal and replace of Obamacare. You CAN NOT miss Dana's comments about "A Day Without a Woman" and what she has to say about feminism. This is a Dana you can not afford to miss!

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 3

    You have to tune in for this must listen to interview with Senator Rand Paul about the Obamacare replacement plan. Chuck DeVore also joins the show to discuss sanctions put on coal plants and much more concerning energy currently.

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 2

    Dana wonders why the Obamacare replacement plan was made in such secret. Dana gives her thoughts on the latest Wikileaks regarding the CIA. You can't miss Dana's reaction to Ben Carson's latest comments.

  • Tuesday, March 7 - Hour 1

    Dana breaks down the newest travel ban executive order. She explains once and for all why this is not a Muslim ban in the slightest. Listen to Dana explain why she is NOT happy with the proposed GOP replacement for Obamacare.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 3

    You will not believe Brawny paper towels are doing now to appease to women. You do not want to miss Dana passionately discuss the proposed GOP plan to replace Obamacare and her problems with it and the politicians behind it.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 2

    Dana goes deeper into the wiretap allegations and breaks down how the FISA courts actually work. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the wiretap news as well as Trump's latest travel ban.

  • Monday, March 6 - Hour 1

    Dana talks about some of the responses surrounding the wiretap allegations. Dana can't believe people are actually listening to James Clapper and believing him after he lied under oath previously. Dana remembers the Alamo on its anniversary.

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 3

    Dana touches on the over blown Mike Pence email "scandal" she explains why this isn't even comparable to the Clinton scandal. Antonia Okafor joins the show to discuss the campus women's gun group called Empowered!

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 2

    Find out why Dana is disappointed with Barbara Bush and don't miss her strong comments about what Barbara Bush said. Do not miss Dana slam a Democratic Congressmen after his sexist and disgusting comments regarding Kellyanne Conway.

  • Friday, March 3 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the latest surrounding Jeff Sessions and him recusing himself from further matters dealing with the Trump campaign. Dana can't believe this this story of an illegal immigrant complaining about being deported after talking to the media about being an illegal.

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 3

    Dana talks about Valerie Jarrett moving in with the Obama's. Hear what Dana has to say about Obama staying involved with politics and what it shows about the Democratic party. You have to hear Dana slam down Senator Chris Murphy after his latest comments regarding a gun bill.

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 2

    Dana continues covering the big news of the day regarding AG Jeff Sessions and the ridiculous calls for him to resign by the Democrats. You don't want to miss this story of Democrats giving away $4 million to IT impostors..

  • Thursday, March 2 - Hour 1

    Dana is on top of the big news regarding Jeff Sessions and Russia and you don't want to miss Dana passionately explain why this is a witch hunt. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the alleged Sessions/Russia involvement.

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 3

    Dana talks about her least favorite part of Trump's speech regarding paid family leave. Dana has some fun at the end of the show talking about one of her biggest fears...Boston Dynamics robots!

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 2

    Dana compares the media's reaction to Trump's speech last night to President Obama's speech when he gave it. Dana talks about Trump's announcement of VOICE and the latest with immigration.

  • Wednesday, March 1 - Hour 1

    Dana recaps the major speech President Trump gave last night. Find out why Dana believes this was Trump's best speech yet and hear what she believed was the biggest moment from last night. You also don't want to miss Dana mock some of the left's reactions to Trump's speech.

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 3

    Is National Reciprocity on the horizon!? Hear Dana talk about this exciting possibility. Dana has some fun with the way Trump eats his steak!

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 2

    Find out which Democrat is not going to shake Trump's hand at his speech to Congress tonight. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock him! Dana breaks down a state bill that would make it harder to purchase ammunition.

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Hour 1

    You do not want to miss Dana's intense critique of the media after they made a bigger deal of Kellyanne Conway having her feet on a sofa than the care of our veterans. Also, don't miss Dana hilariously talk about the infamous "Cash Me Outside" girl!

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 3

    Dana breaks down the new DNC Chair Tom Perez and talks about the Democratic party moving even further left. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously break down a recent "feminist" Campbell's Soup commercial.

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 2

    Dana critiques a liberal acceptance speech from the Oscars about migrants and immigration. Dana examines George Bush's relationship in and with the media now 8 years removed from his Presidency. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss this as a former member of the Bush admin.

  • Monday, February 27 - Hour 1

    Don't miss Dana recap everything from the Oscars last night! Dana tears a part the Iranian foreign film winner's statement for not being there because of Trump's "travel ban"

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 3

    Dana explains why it isn't a big deal at all that CNN and other news organizations were not allowed at the White House briefing today. James O'Keefe joins the show to discuss his latest videos and the CNN leaks.

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 2

    Don't miss Dana expose these made up movements on the left where they are paying protesters to attend these GOP town halls. Dana has had enough of the transgender outcry and explains why they aren't even having any rights taken away!

  • Friday, February 24 - Hour 1

    Dana returns and recaps all that is happening at CPAC including Trump's speech from this morning. You do not want to hear Dana go off on the media for misreporting a story about "Russian Trump Flags" at CPAC.

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 3

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Don Gray joins the show to discuss Mike Pence's visit to the vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri. Mark talks about this ridiculous theory of people having PTSD from the election and he took callers opinions on this.

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 2

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Mark has some fun at the expense of the media who seem to be letting Trump get under their skin. Mark asks the listeners where they get their news and media consumption from?

  • Thursday, February 23 - Hour 1

    Mark Kaye fills in for Dana. Mark recaps and plays back some of Dana's speech from CPAC. Mark covers the latest Project Veritas leaks about CNN.

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 3

    Dana gets into the proposed Tax reform is that coming soon and talks about which parts she likes and dislikes. Dana has some fun with Producer Marty on his 3 year anniversary of being shot!

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 2

    Dana breaks down the 4th Circuit Court ruling regarding assault weapon bans in Maryland, and you don't want to miss her detailed explanation about why the court got it wrong. Dana touches on the latest transgender issue involving a high school wrestler in Texas.

  • Wednesday, February 22 - Hour 1

    Dana debunks the media's reports of "turmoil" in Trump's administration just because of a few disagreements. You have to hear Dana hilariously mock a Washington Post article saying Democracy is dead.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 3

    Dana tries understanding why Melanie Trump is being attacked for saying a prayer. Find out what she has to say on what looks like another attack on Christians. You have to hear Dana's hilarious airline story amid American Airlines trying out a new type of flight style.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 2

    Hear Dana talk about the newest diet fad that's in style called the "Venezuelan Diet." You won't want to miss that hilarious segment! Dana also gives her final thoughts on the serious issue of Milo and child molestation.

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Hour 1

    Dana talks about the announcement of H.R. McMaster as the new National Security Adviser. You do not want to hear Dana slam the left and media who mocked Trump for his Sweden comments as riots and loots occur in an immigrant suburb there. Find out why serial killer Kermit Gosnell is contacting Will Smith!

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 3

    Milo is dis-invited to CPAC for promoting pedophilia. Dana plays some of his controversial comments.

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 2

    What happened last night in Sweden? Dana has answers. Steven Yates discusses tensions between the US and China.

  • Monday, February 20 - Hour 1

    The president says the press is the enemy of the people. Milo Yiannopoulos supports pedophilia, is disinvited to CPAC. Researchers want to treat video game addiction like other addictions.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 3

    Some people want to ban human-shaped targets at the gun range. Free Bleeding. Mailbag of Hate.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 2

    Trump battle with Jim Acosta and the press. Celebrities battle vs Texas over proposed bathroom law. Ted Nugent joins the show to discuss a possible Senate run in Michigan.

  • Friday, February 17 - Hour 1

    Dana covers the incredibly entertaining Trump PC from yesterday. Dana gives her thoughts on Admiral Harward declining the National Security Adviser position. You don't want to miss Dana get fiery with Moms Demand!

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 3

    You don't want to miss what Dana has to say about Disney's dismissal of Youtube star Felix Kjellberg after his latest prank goes too far. Cheri Reisch and her attorney Jennifer Bukowsky join Dana on the show to discuss Cheri being harassed for being a concealed gun carrier at an event in Missouri.

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 2

    Dana further covers Trump's entertaining press conference from today that you don't want to miss. You won't believe this State Supreme Court ruling against a flower shop, and you need to hear Dana's reaction to this ruling!

  • Thursday, February 16 - Hour 1

    Dana has the latest on the Michael Flynn story. You don't want to miss Dana school the left for comparing this to Watergate or Hillary Clinton's server. Dana explains why the leaks are worse than what Flynn did. Hear some of Donald Trump's PC from today LIVE and Dana's comments on it.

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 3

    Dana dips into pop culture and explains why even as a Conservative she doesn't believe punishing artists for their beliefs is the right move. Dana comments on the Democrats reviving the Organizing for Action group. You don't want to miss hearing who Dana believes is the one threat for Republicans for future elections.

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 2

    Dana hits back at leftists to explain why the Flynn situation is not even remotely the same as the Clinton server or Podesta email situation. You will not believe what refugees are actually complaining about now!

  • Wednesday, February 15 - Hour 1

    Dana continues her coverage of the Michael Flynn story and you don't want to miss what she has to say about the latest information. Hear why Dana believes it's a problem we are even able to talk about it. Find out what CNN's Jim Acosta said today and why Dana isn't having any of it!

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 3

    You don't want to miss Dana hitting back at Chelsea Clinton and her criticism of Donald Trump. You won't believe the reason people were saying Beyonce didn't win the Grammy for Best Album.

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 2

    Dana continues her coverage of the Michael Flynn resignation. You don't want to miss what she has to say about it! Dana talks about the ICE raids and mocks the left for being surprised that ICE is actually doing their jobs..

  • Tuesday, February 14 - Hour 1

    Dana has you covered with the big news of the day regarding Michael Flynn's resignation. Dana poses a lot of interesting questions regarding the resignation and what it means. Dana also gives her thoughts on Valentine's Day!

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 3

    Don't miss Dana hit back at the left for being mad about Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. Dana discusses Beyonce's political statements and more from the Grammy's last night.

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 2

    Dana hits back at Bernie Sanders' outrageous claims that the Koch Brothers funded the Tea Party, and that the current movement on the left is "spontaneous." Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss Trump's travel ban and his meetings with world leaders.

  • Monday, February 13 - Hour 1

    Dana recaps the Grammy's last night, including hitting back at criticism for even watching them. Dana gives the latest on the dangerous situation going on in California with the dam right now.

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 3

    You won't believe what the NFL is threatening Texas with now over a bathroom bill! Dana has had enough of this bathroom nonsense. Dana does her mailbag of hate and you won't want to miss this edition!

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 2

    Dana tries to figure out why Black Lives Matters are now harassing and blocking Betsy DeVos from entering a public school. You will not believe this story of parents winning millions of dollars over NOT having abortions. You have to hear Dana squash people attempting to use Christianity as a reason to keep Obamacare.

  • Friday, February 10 - Hour 1

    Dana gives you an educational breakdown of the 9th Circuit Court ruling regarding Trump's travel ban. Dana calls out a group of Under Armour celebrity spokespeople who criticized Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank for supporting Trump's business policies.

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 3

    You won't believe the kind of damage these Dakota Pipeline Protesters caused! You can't miss this must listen to segment where Dana calls out Elizabeth Warren and her fake Indian heritage!

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 2

    Dana slams Democrats, specifically Elizabeth Warren, for using the King name to play the race card against Jeff Sessions. Dana explains how Gorsuch is playing the left and they don't even know it!

  • Thursday, February 9 - Hour 1

    You have to hear this story of Senator Scott being attacked by the left for being a black man supporting Senator Sessions. Hear Dana smash the left for continuing to play identity politics. Dana gives her thoughts on the Nordstrom/Trump feud as well as Kellyanne Conway's comments on Fox News regarding it.

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 3

    Dana recaps the Cruz/Sanders healthcare debate from last night. You have to hear Dana have some fun mocking Bernie Sanders! You won't believe what Planned Parenthood had quotas for! You can't miss this story.

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 2

    Dana cuts live to a car chase happening in LA! You don't want to miss what Dana has to say about this Nordstrom/Trump family feud!

  • Wednesday, February 8 - Hour 1

    You have to hear Dana's hilarious reaction to Senator McConnell shutting down Elizabeth's Warren attempt to talk bad about Senator Sessions. Dana touches on the Senator Cruz vs Senator Sanders healthcare debate.