Actor Michael Broderick Talks

On today’s show actor and Marine veteran Michael Broderick joined me to talk about his project for GallantFew.

GallantFew is a great organization that helps veterans transition from active duty to civilian life:

GallantFew, Inc’s (501(c)3 Non-Profit) mission is to reduce US Army Ranger veteran unemployment, homelessness and eliminate Ranger veteran suicide by a unique program of one-on-one mentoring by a Ranger veteran, now successful in civilian business, with a Ranger veteran just departed active duty.  This effort is called the Darby Project (in honor of WWII’s Darby’s Rangers).  Our dream is to one day be able to assist every honorably discharged veteran from every branch of the service.

Our founder, a veteran, has experienced unemployment. He has fought translating his military skills (Airborne Ranger, infantry company commander and Ranger battalion staff officer) into language appealing to civilian employers. He has experienced the incredible delays in the VA medical system – and he believes we can do better.

GallantFew, Inc., meets these veterans during the process of departing from the military. GallantFew, Inc. coaches them through the transition process, assess their skills, desires and abilities, offer training as necessary, network them professionally and socially back into the community, and will be a source of physical, social, professional and emotional support. Initially we will accomplish this all through volunteers. Ultimately, this program will be funded, staffed, and scaled up to include every veteran of every branch of the military.

Broderick’s project, simply called The Poster Project, bought a poster from the epic “Band of Brothers” series and began collecting signatures on it, including those in the series and actual members of the Easy Company (part of the 101st Airborne Division) upon whom the series was based. And that’s just the beginning. Broderick’s added many other names since and is about to score a few more big ones before auctioning off the poster this year to benefit GallantFew.

More on The Poster Project here:

I’ll post when the auction is to take place.

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