A Response To Missouri Rep. Sheila Solon’s Shameful Defense Of Her Anti-Worker Vote

A Response To Missouri Rep. Sheila Solon’s Shameful Defense Of Her Anti-Worker Vote

Rep. Sheila Solon poses with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican,” is the often quoted 11th Commandment made famous by Ronald Reagan. More people quote it than seem to understand it. These days, the phrase is typically invoked by progressive Republicans whenever their voting records are challenged or anyone shines a light on their left-of-center political leanings. State Representative Sheila Solon recently cited it in a childish and hateful op/ed directed towards Missouri's Lt. Governor Peter Kinder as a way to distract from her anti-freedom, progressive vote against right to work.

Solon accused Kinder of “bully tactics” and regurgitated Democratic talking points by insinuating that Kinder was engaging in the “war on women” because some of the legislators that joined her in her anti-worker vote happen to have a Y chromosome. More shamefully, Solon even invoked former state auditor Tom Schweich’s tragic suicide as a substitute for an intellectual argument.

Solon accuses the Kinder of “spinning.” Pot, meet kettle.

Missouri is my home state, where I was born and raised, where my entire mostly union family lives and this issue is close to my heart. I wanted my state to become the 26th in the nation to embrace worker freedom. I am one of the thousands of strong women across the country who support right to work. Unlike Solon, I employ facts, not my gender, in a debate. Solon has no desire to discuss any facts, but would rather distract the public with progressive buzzwords and ridiculous accusations.

Solon claimed she should not be chastised because she took “one vote” that was out of step with the Missouri Republican party. Not surprisingly, she fails to mention the other times she bowed down to union cash pressure instead of standing up for workers (Solon voted “No” on paycheck protection bills HB 1617 and SB 29). This was not just “one vote.” Solon’s actual voting record shows a disturbing pattern of doing the unions’s dirty work in order to further her own political career. Solon has chosen time and again to prioritize political ambition over the best interest of Missourians.

I had the pleasure of recently speaking at the Reagan Ranch Center and privately touring his “Western White House,” Ranch del Cielo. I met a few of those close to him and was privileged to read handwritten letters Reagan sent to friends and advisors. For those actually familiar with Reagan's faith, his masterful communication skills, and his actual remarks, one thing is crystal clear: Reagan never suggested we never speak ill of another Republican’s voting record. The “11th commandment” was specifically directed towards personal attacks, not an elected official's voting record or political philosophy. The Republican party is one that welcomes debate, discussion, and educated dissent. To Representative Sheila Solon: if you long for a party that never discusses your voting record nor questions your ideology, you certainly don’t belong in Reagan’s Republican party.

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